Madison Prep Beats Brusly

Last night, the Brusly Panthers and the Madison Prep Chargers met at Brusly for their last regular season game before advancing to the playoffs. This matchup was action packed from the first down to the very last. Both teams showed they could dominate defensively. Madison Prep had a little trouble offensively, but they pulled it together in the win over Brusly.

In the first quarter, Brusly’s quarterback fumbled a snap in near the end zone and Madison Prep recovers it and scores the first touchdown of the game. Jeremiah Grimes (corner for Brusly) picks Madison Prep’s pass bringing the Panther’s offense back on the field with 4:25 left in the first quarter. The Chargers get a safety and the score is 9-0. In the second quarter, both defensive sides battled against the opposing offense. Cody Luke scores the first touchdown for Brusly and the score is 9-7 going into halftime.

In the third quarter, Brusly scores again, but Madison Prep blocked the extra point kick. The fourth quarter was a fight to the very end. Madison Prep scores and gets 2 extra points with a successful two point conversion. Brusly scores another touchdown. With 1:12 left in the fourth quarter, the score is 20 Brusly, 17 Madison Prep. Madison Prep returns a kickoff for a 100 yard touchdown and the Chargers win over the Panthers 24-20.