Homer wins over White Castle, 18-13

No. 5 Homer holds off No. 4 White Castle at the Milton Rocky Ourso Jr. Memorial Stadium in White Castle, Louisiana.

Keyshawn Kidd, Junior quarterback, made the first touchdown for the Pelicans right as the first quarter ended. Kidd has a great arm and an accurate throw. Demije Patterson, Junior running back, also had an impressive night. He ran the ball well throughout the night. Jaylon Colome made the next two touchdowns for the night. They were up 18-6 entering the half, and finished the game up at 18-13. Homer takes on No.1 Oak Grove next week.

I spoke with Tamarean Grant, Senior Linebacker, after the game.

It was a close score towards the end, what do you think kept you guys on top?

We just stayed composed, didn’t panic, and made plays!

The Pelicans take on Oak Grove next. Is there anything specific about this matchup you’re ready for?

I’m ready for revenge! Also, I am just ready to prove everybody wrong and show them we’re not a team to be slept on.

Is there anything you want outsiders to know about the pelicans and what you guys are capable of?

I want outsiders to know that THE PELICANS ARE COMING!
Touchdown by Jaylon Colome
Interception by the Pelicans

White Castle has a great defense. There were a lot of huge hits made throughout the night. The first touchdown of the night for the Bulldogs was by Tahj Favorite, Senior Quarterback. Favorite has solid arm strength is very aggressive. Jabez Allen, Senior running back, made a big interception. Allen has great cover skills along with a fast speed. The last touchdown for the Bulldogs was by Keith Landry, Jr., Senior Wide Receiver.

Touchdown by Keith Landry Jr.
Interception by Jabez Allen