GF All-American Bowl Game Commit: Ridge Collins

Another Cecilia standout has committed to play in the Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game and that is two-way star Ridge Collins. Ridge is one of the best players in Bulldogs history as he is a two-time District Defensive MVP selection. The All-State linebacker is a missile on the football field as he either comes in flying in blowing up ball carriers or pancaking blockers that try to get in his way. Ridge is relentless and one of the biggest hitters that anybody would find in the state. Ridge carries on the hammer to the nail approach not only on defense, but on offense as well. Despite being a power runner, Ridge has some burst too with 4.6/40 speed to go with his 5’10, 215-pound frame. Ridge is incredibly strong in the weight room as he can bench press 275 pounds, squat 460 pounds, and power clean 315 pounds. As one of the best players on Cecilia, Ridge Collins is excited to show all of his talents in front of college coaches at the Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game.

“I was really excited y’all invited me to play. It is an honor to go play and it means so much because I can show people what I can do to get my name out there.”

Cecilia High School RB/LB Ridge Collins

Join Ridge on Dec 30th in Orange Beach, Alabama at the Orange Beach Sportsplex for a 5pm kickoff.

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Check out our Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game commitment video for Ridge!