DITR: WR/RB Je’Kari Douglas, Natchez High School (Natchez, Mississippi)

Je’Kari Douglas is a 5’10, 170 pound WR/HB in the 2025 class. Douglas has smooth cuts, good field vision and is willing to do the dirty work. He has a low center of gravity, which allows him to earn yards after the catch. It also makes him dangerous as a ball-carrier, working out the backfield. Douglas is an intriguing prospect that colleges will want to have an eye on.

For starters, Douglas shows good potential as a receiver. His route running is smooth, which allows him to work well against man and zone. He isn’t fazed by contact either, which can be seen with him working as a running back. Douglas has the potential to be a Deebo Samuel like receiver, working well at the catch point and dominating with yards-after-catch.

Secondly, his field vision is great. He’s able to read and predict how the defense will move, and make decisions based of that information. Douglas also is aware of where his blockers are, in association to everything else on the field. This, again, makes him dangerous after the catch..

Finally, Douglas is willing to do whatever to ensure his team will win. He is a strong blocker, and loves to get involved however he can. This makes him valuable on screen plays, or as a pass blocker when he’s working as a running back.

Douglas is a member of the 2025 class. He is a versatile player who does the gritty work to ensure his team will win. He flashes potential as a dangerous, yards after catch receiver. With his senior campaign coming up, Douglas should look to have a more refined offensive game. That means every college will want to check out his final high school season.

Below is a QnA between Douglas and myself:

What is your height and weight?

I stand at 5’10 170.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

As of right now one of my biggest accomplishments is to be able to say I have an opportunity on the next level not many people have that.

What player do you compare yourself to and why?

I compare myself to Jamar chase because he is a well rounded athlete at receiver and I feel like he can do it all.

What are your plans once you’re done with football and why?

My plans once I’m done with football is to come back to my hometown and giveback to the community. Things such as build new buildings for the kids to stop the violence rate, or even help families in need.

What is your GPA?

I maintain a 3.8 Gpa hoping to get it to a 4.

What do you like about the sport of football and how is it significant to you?

Football is a team sport, and I can’t get in trouble for knocking anyone’s head off. It’s an easy way to release aggression when I’m on the field. It feels like it’s just me and my problems, and I’m going full speed at them.

What is your 40 speed, Broad, Vert, Shuttle, ETC?

I run a 4.5 40, 9’1 broad jump, 39″vert, 4.2 shuttle.

What is your dream school to play for in college?

My dream school to play for in college is LSU.

What is a strength you have in the game?

A big strength that I have in the game is my footwork and my route running. I’m also a very great blocker for the team, that’s why they also play me at H-back.

What’s something’s football taught you?

The values of football set up kids for success on and off the field. The game inspires character, leadership, resilience and teamwork.

What are your stats throughout your football career?

This year, my junior season alone, I had:
-40 Rec
-417 rec yds
-4 rec td
-10 rushes
-100 yds
-2 rush td