DITR: WR Kaleb Tucker Calvary Baptist Academy (Shreveport, LA)

Kaleb Tucker is a Class of 2025 6’1 185lb WR from Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, LA. With his amazing route running and run after the catch he shows signs of Devonta Adams and Jamar Chase. On the field he shows his ability to score in various ways from vertical, intermediate, or just a simple hitch or screen he will turn nothing into something special. Tucker had a total of 37 catches, 703 yards, and 12 touchdowns this past season. Tucker has offers from Graceland University, Texas Southern, and Lane College. His biggest achievement was making 2nd team All-District but has a goal of 1.500-2.000 yards while making 1st team All-District this upcoming 2025 season.

What is a skill you believe you need to work on?
“I’d say show more emotion”

What’s a pre-game ritual you do and why?
“Listen to 100 shots by Dolph”

What would you say your role is on the team?

“Pretty much the same make the tough catches be sure handed win the 1 on 1 battles”

How do you balance academics and Football? What strategies you use?
“School comes 1st always so I try to work ahead to allow more time”

What is a favorite moment from your high school career?
“Byrd game 3tds over 150yrds on 4 catches”

Favorite NFL player and why?
“Stefon Diggs. He runs good routes and he’s very emotional.”

How do you motivate your teammates we down in a game?
“I stay calm I feel like if I’m playing, we always have a chance to win so tell them stay focused.”

How are you under pressure?
“Even kill never too high or too low”

Favorite snack?

How has playing football impacted your life?
“It opened up opportunities for me that I didn’t know existed.”