DITR: Wesley Fair

Wesley Fair is a class of 2023 safety and quarterback for Wichita Collegiate School in Wichita, KS. He has a 3.95 GPA and was named 1st Team All League for his previous season. He is 6’2 and weighs 185 pounds. As a safety, Wesley has the ability to read the offense and uses that to his advantage whether he is making a tackle or intercepting the ball. As a quarterback, he is fast and can run the ball making him a double threat. He can make impressive tackles and uses his vision to break through the line and run downfield. He has offers from LA Tech, Iowa State, Kansas, Colorado State, South Dakota, Harvard, and Kansas State. Wesley is committed to Kansas State.


Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m from Wichita Kansas. I have 4 brothers and sisters. I love to compete I play basketball and football. When I’m not training, I’m either at school and relax by watching movies.

What made you play football?

My older brother played and he got me into it.

Give me some insight of what is going through your mind before a game.

Before a game, I’m usually pretty relaxed. I don’t really get nervous or anything. I try to have nothing going on in my head.

What is something you’ve learned in football that you’ve been able to apply in your everyday life?

Football has made me a leader.

What is an athletic goal you have set for upcoming season?

To win a state championship.

What is something that keeps you motivated?

My family.

What is your biggest strength?

I would consider my biggest strength to be me being a quick learner.

What are you most excited for when you think about your future in football?

The relationships I will make playing for different coaches and with different players.

What do you want people to know about you? In everyday life or as an athlete?

On the field or on the court, I’m very competitive. Off the field, I am very kind and chill.

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