DITR: Tony Lewis

Tony Lewis is a class of 2024 RB out of Madison Prep in Baton Rouge, LA. Tony stands at 5’9, 175 and is a tough runner with the football. He helped do a lot of the heavy lifting for the Chargers rushing attack this season, grinding out yards and moving the chains. His performance on the field helped him earn a second team all-district selection. He’s set to make a leap in his junior season and help propel the Charger offense.

Check out Tony’s highlights here

When did you start playing football?

I started playing at 5 or 6. I didn’t really like it. I was scared at first but my dad told me to give it another try and ever since then, I’ve been loving the game.

What are your biggest strengths on the field?

I’m smart, I can move, and I can play any position, defense or offense. I’m a team player and I’m coachable.

How does it feel to be a sophomore and be able to have an impact like you did for your team, earning a second team all-district selection?

It feels good. I’m blessed and I want to thank my teammates. Like you said I’m a younger guy so the older guys helped me feel at home. We all communicate which each other and help each other out.

How can you build on this season’s accomplishments in order to improve for next season?

I can use it just as a way to improve overall. I want to be first team all-district and all-state next season and win state. That’s motivation for me and everyone else.

What lessons have you learned from playing football?

I learned that no matter how rough things get, keep faith in God, trust yourself, and God will make a way. Be steps ahead of people so they can’t cheat you or short you in life.

What do you love most about competing and playing the game?

I love when we play big name players. It gives you a chance to show out and be the best you can to make a name for yourself.

What was your favorite moment from your sophomore season?

When we woke up at 5 every day and ran the levee together. Then we would go back to the school and play 7 on 7 together. Summer workouts were definitely my favorite.

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