DITR: Riggs Dunn

Riggs Dunn is a 5’11 180-lb FS prospect out of Hewitt-Trussville High School located in Trussville, Alabama. The Class of 2024 star is approaching his senior year as a 3rd year starter playing safety, exceling on the field with his natural athletic abilities to explode with incomparable speed and leadership qualities. Dunn thrives as safety and special teams with returning punts and a total of 11 Kick-off returns, and 1 special Pick Six in the 2022-23 season with the Huskies.

Riggs Dunn expresses insightful feedback in our interview on what he looks for in himself as a team leader and athlete, what he expects from coaching staff, and personal routines and techniques that allow his overall work ethic to be displayed on the field.

When did you begin playing football and why are you so passionate about playing this sport?

I started playing in about the 3rd grade as far as I can remember to what it feels I been playing my whole life. The reason I am so passionate about football is the fact that it has been a part of my whole life growing up and it’s helped with so many problems I’ve had.

Do you play any other sports? How do they contribute to your development as an athlete?

I no longer play any other sports, but I used to be a well-rounded athlete playing baseball, basketball, and ran track.

Which strengths do you believe you have that make you a great athlete?

Versatility. I can play most of the skill positions on the field because I have a lot of versatility to offer as an athlete.

Is there a coach or athlete that you look up to as a role model and why?

I looked up to Sean Taylor, he has passed away but I really loved the way he played the game. I would watch his highlights and I loved the way he would just hit people.

Tell me about your most successful season in sports.

It was probably this past season because I got my first Pick Six in my varsity career and had a good overall season.

What are some personal goals you have set for yourself as your senior year is approaching?

I want to lead the team in tackles and interceptions, and I want to have the most all-purpose motive on our team.

What is your personal technique or necessarily the first thing you look for when the ball is snapped?

Usually, I will get my run past read and based on that, I will take my drop. So, I would look at the tackles most of the time.

What does your diet and nutrition plan look like when you’re bulking up or getting in shape during training?

When I am bulking up, I go out to eat a lot of food including protein like chicken or beef, and then I usually drink a lot of protein shakes. I am in the weight room about 5 days out of the week to stay in shape.

What are your dream schools and why are you the best choice for those teams?

For dream schools, you have to add Alabama, I mean its Alabama then probably Troy University, Appalachian State, and Florida. These schools would get a great leader out of me that pushes people to come with me when I am doing it. I believe my athleticism ranks to be fit for that next level.

What do you look for in a great coach?

I look for a coach that is going to critique me, coach me hard, and treat me like his own son.

Athletes face a lot of pressure, from the coaches, fans, and other stakeholders. How do you cope with this pressure?

I just breathe, I take it all in and just breathe.

 According to you, what qualities make a teammate a good team captain?

Holding other people accountable and bringing people up when they look down, just being an overall leader on the field communication wise and things like that.

 What inspires you to give your best every single day?

I do want my parents to have to pay for college for me, so I use that as a goal for me to get to the next level and get paid to take that stress off my parents.

Describe your major highlights and achievements in sports in the past.

One of them was a while back in 7th or 8th grade when we were playing Clay-Chalkville and it was the very last play of the game and I chased the dude down and tackled at the 1 yard line to win the game. Another major highlight is my pick six against Chelsea this year, and my third highlight was when I hit a dude in Lee County and knocked his helmet off.

 What is one of the greatest challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome that adversity?

Both of my shoulder surgeries, I had one shoulder surgery coming out of my freshman year and I actually had a recent surgery in the offseason that I am just now getting over. I just use that as motivation to push me because I’ll look where I was when I had my surgery where I can’t do anything, then I’ll look at me 3 or 4 months later when I am healed and recovered.