DITR: RB Dionne Sims, King High School (Houston, Texas)

Dionne Sims is a running back who can hurt you with his hands just as effectively as his feet. He stands at 5’11, 170 lbs, and is a member of the 2026 class. The first thing you notice about Dionne is his breakaway speed. He is impossible to catch up to in the open field and regularly outruns even the fastest of defenders. This speed is aided by Dionne’s involvement with his track team. Dionne tells me that he believes every football player should run track because the speed seen in track runners is unrivaled. Dionne is very proficient in the 400m race, having an impressive personal record of 47.42. This is a testament to Dionne’s ability to maintain a high level of speed over a long distance. This is evident as Dionne rushed for at least 73 yards on a single play five times this season. Along with his impressive 400m time, Dionne runs a 4.4s forty yard dash. Having two more years left to play high school football and develop his speed, I think speed with be Dionne’s greatest strength. While Dionne is a fast running back, he is also a bruising one. Dionne is very aggressive with his downhill running and will invite contact from defenders anytime. He loves to barrell over someone trying to tackle him and you can see that on the football field. It is impossible to bring him down with just one defender, and sometimes even with multiple. He has an amazing ability to maintain balance while being hit, which has led Dionne to create some pretty big plays. This grown man strength is aided by the work Dionne does in the weight room. He bench presses 225 lbs and has a very impressive squat at 390 lbs. Dionne is very versatile in the fact that he can catch the ball just as well as he can run it. He has incredibly soft hands that gravitate towards the ball, and should be considered a receiver on any passing play. His wheel route is lethal but so is his ability to make a big play off of a screen. Dionne regularly will receive the ball behind the line of scrimmage and end up twenty yards upfield before he is downed. This season Dionne had 12 receptions for 245 yards and a touchdown through the air. His statistics are just as impressive on the ground as Dionne rushed for 985 yards and 9 touchdowns on only 95 carries. These talents have been recognized by the University of Houston as well as the University of Oregon when they offered Dionne. Dionne was named to his districts second team for running backs last season, and is looking to make that first team this season. He is a workhorse of a young man who only cares about improving, and is a player to keep on your radar for years to come.

What made you fall in love with football?

When I was younger, my brothers were good football players. I would always go to their games and wanted to be like them growing up. My Dad saw that I loved football from a young age and signed me up and ever since then I have absolutely loved the game.

What do you consider your on the field best attribute?

I would say leadership by example.

You guys had a tough loss against Fort Bend-Hightower in the Regional Finals of Texas High School Football Playoffs. What are you and the team learning from that game to bring it to next season?

Myself, my brothers, and my coaches are looking to clean things up from last year. We have a new team, we are trying to rebuild at the moment but we look great. We’re just trying to sharpen things up and take things one practice at a time.
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What running backs do you try and emulate?Ā 

I try to run like Adrian Peterson.

What goals do you have for yourself and for your team next season?

I’m going to start with my team. I want to make a state run this year. I want us to come together at least as a team and get closer because we’re a young team that has three more years left with each other. I just want us to come together as a team and be able to play as a unit. For myself, I want first-team all-district this year and have at least 1500 rushing yards.

What has been your biggest improvementĀ since you started playing football?

I would say running aggressively. When I was younger, I wouldn’t run as aggressively but now that I am in high school I see what it takes. I feel like I’ve been better with my aggression while I run the ball.
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What is your dream college, and have you been in talks with any?

I have been in talks with Oregon and the University of Houston. Those are my offers now as well as my main contacts. If I could pick any school I would say Texas State or Georgia.

How do you think being a track athlete helps your game as a running back?

First of all, I think all football players should run track. Once you get past the lineman into the secondary and it opens up, that’s straight track speed. If a track kid and a football kid are in the open field and the football kid needs to tackle the track kid, he is not making the play.

What do you do outside of normal team practice to get better everyday?

Right now I am working on footwork drills as well as gaining weight. I am also training my speed and agility.

Who is your way too early super bowl winner prediction for next season?

I’m going with either the Texans or the Ravens.
Photo Credits: TRJ Photography