DITR: QB Rees Wise, Westlake High School (Austin, Texas)

Rees Wise is a 3-star quarterback from the class of 2026. The 6’2, 218 lb signal caller attends Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. Rees has all the tools and attributes you want in a field general. He knows how to properly lead his team while also making plays to put them in a winning position. The first thing you notice while watching Rees’s tape is his arm strength. He has an absolute cannon for an arm and can sling the rock 50 to 60 yards downfield with ease. You never want to leave one of his receivers open downfield as Rees will get them the ball no matter what. He turns every receiver around him into a deep threat. With this great strength also comes timing and accuracy. Rees is elite at hitting his receivers in the hands as well as timing his throws perfectly. More times than not, the ball and the receiver get to the same spot at the same time, creating big plays that are hard for defenses to stop. This pinpoint accuracy also allows for Rees to fit the football into some of the tightest coverages you have seen. He can thread the rock through triple coverage to help his receiver make a play. This ability is helped by the fact Rees has so many different arm angles he can throw out of. His sidearm is just as deadly as his full windup, and Rees has thrown many touchdowns from that angle. The pocket is not the only place Rees excels. He has great improvising abilities and can still rocket the ball downfield while escaping the pocket. This versatility is what makes Rees such a dangerous asset. His legs and big frame also aid him in the run game. Rees is able to run through defenders like a track star runs through the ending ribbon at a race’s finish line. One QB spy will not stop him from taking off. The last attribute I want to touch on with Rees is his quick reaction. He is able to get rid of the ball within a second of it being snapped, many times having the play go for a big gain. This quick thinking and fast twitch is something that all elite quarterbacks possess. Rees had an absolute stellar season this year, both on the ground and in the air. Rees threw for 1,877 yards and 21 touchdowns this year to compliment his already impressive 472 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns on the ground. A player with these statistics deserve recognition, and Rees is receiving just that. He was named his districts offensive newcomer of the year along with Westlake awarding him offensive player of the year for this most recent season. Rees is in great company regarding his award from Westlake, previously being awarded to Sam Ellinger, Drew Brees, and Cade Klubnik. If Rees continues the path he is going down, I have no doubt he will be just as good as the aforementioned names. Along with these awards, recruiting for Rees has heated up. Rees currently holds D1 offers from the University of Houston, SMU, Nebraska, Texas Tech, UTEP, and Oklahoma State. Now this ability and recognition does not happen without grit and grind. Rees is constantly looking to improve his game and train every day. The results can be seen on the field but as well in the weight room. Rees can bench press 245 lbs, squat 335 lbs, and power clean 225 lbs. This brute strength is a big component of Rees’s ability to run hard and effectively. A kid with an astounding GPA of 3.9/4.0, Rees is a player college coaches should be fighting over.

What made you fall in love with the game of football?

I started when I was 4 but a few days after I was born, my dad put a small football in my hand and made me throw it. I was already used to it by the time I was 4. I fell in love with it through those years and I worked my butt off to get here so I love where it’s going right now.

What is the first thing scouts notice about you on the field?

I’m a big runner. I can make people miss but I know I can run them over, that’s the first thing that I try to do. I can move the ball downfield as well with anyone that I have. I know I can do that.

You guys had a tough loss against North Shore in the semi-finals of the Texas High School Football Playoffs. What are you and the team learning from that game to take that final step to the championship next season?

I think we could push each other more. I feel like we thought we could coast through the season and we just weren’t expecting it. We worked our butt off but I think we could do more. I think I could do more myself to help out the team and work harder. At the end of the day, I do think we can make it all the way this year.

What are some goals you have for yourself and your team next season?

Definitely to make it to state. We want to go 10-0 obviously and make it state but I just want our team to get better.

You have some great offers on the table so far. What has the recruiting process been like for you?

The way I am talking to coaches right now has been a huge help. They’re introducing me to many coaches so it’s just helped a lot to meet new coaches and get to know people that I can contact later on.

How do you think playing in such an elite district of High School Football (Texas 26-6A) helps hone your game as a quarterback?

Well, I came from Gregory- Portland which wasn’t the biggest school, but my parents saw that I was going to be good from a young age. I didn’t know much about football but they wanted to move me to a bigger school and Westlake was on that list. Since I’ve been here I’ve noticed how big it is and the competition is amazing. The teams we play are tough but it makes us better and I love it. I love to face tough teams.

What do you do outside of team practice to improve every day?

I’m making myself watch 30 minutes of film per day outside of school on top of the film I watch in school. I want to get film down more but I train to get better as well.

Looking at Westlake’s roster, it seems like a large amount of receivers are graduating. How do you expect this next crop of receivers to show out this upcoming season?

I see a lot of potential in our wide receiver core, there is a lot of depth so I am excited about that. Brody and Cal are returning and so is Grady so I am very happy about that. Brody is a 6’5 receiver with Cal and Grady being my slot guys so I’m pretty fired up for my new wide receivers.

What has been the biggest improvement in your game since you started playing football?

I’ve learned to become tougher over the years, when you put the hit on someone it won’t hurt you as much as it will to them. My dad has definitely pushed me throughout the years and made my form a lot better but he just pushes me and makes me a better person.

Who is your way too-early Super Bowl winner prediction?

I hate to say it but I have to say the Chiefs because their roster still looks insane and Patrick Mahomes is Patrick Mahomes.