DITR: Kristion Brooks, Zachary High School (Zachary, Louisiana)

Football player wearing number 4 stands on field.

Kristion is a 6’3, 180 pound wide receiver from Zachary High School, a part of the class of 2026. Currently, he has offers from Arkansas State, Grambling, Louisiana Tech, and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He will be a junior this year, so he still has time to gain more offers and experience over the next 2 years. He has a 2.6 GPA and this will be his first year as an actual starter for the team.

What is one player you look up to and why?

” Brian Thomas because of his length and ability to route run and catch in traffic. I see myself as the same way.”

What is something a coach has told you that has stuck with you?

“Remain humble through out this journey you will go on. That will take you far.”

What made you want to play football?

My brother use to play pee-wee football and watching him allowed me to start playing to do the things he did.”

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

“Continue to be a great leader! Being the person when others do not know what to do, they can count on me to tell them how things are done right! And of course to win the State Championship in the Superdome with my team!”

Is there anyone that motivates you?

“My mother! Seeing her get up to work to provide for us even when she is tired motivates me to have the mentality to be great everyday! She is my WHY!”