DITR: Kristian Dillard Gulfport High School (Gulfport, MS)

Our next Diamond in the Rough is 6’0 185 LBS Safety Kristian Dillard. Kristian is a class of 2024 athlete from Gulfport High School. He was selected 1st Team All District his Sophomore Year and 1st Team All State his Junior Year. Kristian’s season was cut short last season due to a broken fibula. Kristian has lots of great stats including a 3.4 GPA, he can rep 225 LBS on bench, a max squat of 405 LBS, and a power clean of 205 LBS. Before he was shut down due to injury he had 50 tackles and 2 picks.

When did you start playing football?

“I was in the 3rd grade and I was 9 years old.”

What is your favorite part about football?

“I am able to express myself, I love being able to show people what I am made of.”

What is the hardest part about football?

“I know it is important to have the ability to pick up teammates, not everyone can do that.”

What is something you have learned through the years playing football?

“That football doesn’t owe you anything, it can be taken away just like that so I have learned to cherish it.”

Do you play any other sports?

“I am on the baseball team, I play pitcher and outfield.”

Who is your favorite College Football Team?

“I have been a Mississippi State fan since I was very young.”

Who is your favorite NFL Team?

“The Patriots, I was a huge Tom Brady fan with them.”

Who is your biggest role model in life?

“My pops, he always remains calm and collected, yet he is tough and keeps his head up.”

Do you have any players you like to watch and emulate your game after?

“OBJ because of the way he carries himself and the swag that he plays with is infectious.”

How do you balance your schoolwork and football?

“My parents really stay on me with school, after practice I don’t do anything until my school is done”

Do you have any personal goals for the upcoming season?

“I want to bounce back, 5 picks, 100 plus tackles, and be an impact leader on the team.”

How do you prepare for a game?

“I really like to sleep and get hype just before the game starts, I will read the Bible and also watch some film to lock in.”

What is your best skillset as a player?

“How I make plays on the ball, my years of baseball have made me excel at tracking the ball in the air.”

What does it mean to be a good teammate to you?

“Getting your assignment done and once that is over helping to advise your teammates with their tasks.”

What does your team need to do to reach the goals you guys have set?

“We need to focus on each other, when we play as a family that’s when we win, if we lose sight of that we generally don’t do as well.”