DITR – Jack Tews

Jack Tews is a 6’4″, 305 pound, class of 2024 Center for the Brandon Valley High School Lynx in Brandon, South Dakota. Watching his highlights, Jack displays a good understanding up picking up the right defender, and he also uses his huge frame to dominate at the line of scrimmage. His tape shows him simply bullying defensive tackles and creating holes for his running backs, while contributing to not giving up much interior pressure in the passing game. Tews has a 3.0 GPA, and currently doesn’t hold any offers, but should see some coming his way during and after his Senior season.

I recently had the chance to interview Jack and hear what he has to say:

Why and at what age did you start playing football?

“I started playing football my freshman year of high school.”

Have you always played your current position, or did you play a different position growing up?

“I have always played Center.”

What sets you apart from everyone else on the field?

“I will be the hardest-working person in the room.”

What is your favorite memory playing football so far?

“Hanging out with the team.”

How do you balance athletics and academics?

“I spend a lot of time on homework, and once I’m done with homework, then I do football.”

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced on the field?

“The biggest challenge I faced was when I broke my wrist in game 2 of my Junior season.”

Is there a certain player you try to model your game after?

“I try and model my game off of Corey Linsley.”

How do you stay physically fit outside of football?

“I stay physically fit by lifting with my football team 4-5 days a week.”

What are you hoping to achieve in this upcoming season?

“I hope to find the perfect college for academics and sports.”

What is your end goal for your football career?

“To leave a legacy for the upcoming people in the school.”

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned playing football?

“How to play through bumps and bruises.”

How do you prepare for big games?

“I prepare the same way for the big games as I do for the smaller games.”

Lastly, who is the biggest role model in your life?

“My biggest role model is my parents. They have been so supportive of me ever since I started playing football.”

Both photos courtesy of Jack Tews (#79)