DITR: Inside Linebacker, Corxavier Coleman Louisville High School (Louisville, Mississippi).

Corxavier Coleman is an off-ball linebacker in the class of 2025. He exemplifies what it means to be an inside linebacker. He refines the defense’s strengths and cleans up any bad plays. He can force turnovers, rush the passer, get in passing lanes and seal off the run- all while being alert of the scheme and plays around him. Louisville High School went 15-0 this past fall, winning a State Championship in the process.

A major factor to that success was the program’s stout defense, which was able to operate because of Coleman.

Louisville would run several different schemes; that versatility allowed them to match up well against any offense, confuse opposing teams and mitigate star players. Coleman has a unique blend of size, strength and speed. He weighs in at 5’10, 170 pounds, with a frame capable of packing more weight onto it. He also has an official 4.7 40 time, with a max squat of 405 and max deadlift of 365 pounds.

Due to his particular build and skill, Coleman was able to glue together Louisville’s defense. As the program alternated between defenses, the coaches had a trust that Coleman would be able to continue to hold the defense together and facilitate the team through different looks.

When Louisville would face teams with a strong passing offense, the defense would switch to a dime package. This scheme was reliant upon Coleman, who would excellently execute his duties as the lone linebacker in the middle of the field. His success as an off-ball linebacker would allow Louisville to drop six defenders into coverage and win against passing offenses.

Against teams with a better rushing attack, Louisville could run a traditional 4-3. They would again have success because of Coleman’s intelligence as a defender. His patience allowed him to find potential running lanes while maneuvering through the second level, then fire through the hole and meet the ball carrier for a minimal gain.

He has a natural “GPS” that guides him through blockers, allowing him to create big play after big play. While his production might not jump up off the box score, he’s produced over 250 tackles in his varsity career, which is winning football.

Coleman has plenty of talent as an inside linebacker and has been a staple on Louisville’s stout defense. As he continues to add weight to his frame, he’ll become a feared linebacker, who has the height and skill similar to players such as Ivan Pace Jr., a former All-American and standout rookie in the NFL. He should be on any college’s radar this fall.

Below is a QnA between Coleman and myself:

What are your biggest accomplishments?

“My biggest accomplishment was winning two State Championships, back-to-back.”

What player do you compare yourself to and why?

“I compare myself to Fred Warner because of his IQ”

What is your GPA

“My GPA is a 3.6”

What is your 40 speed?

“My forty is a 4.7.”

What are your current football goals?

“My goals are to win another championship and go to the next level.”

What’s a strength you have in the game?

“A Strength I have is my IQ.”

What’s something football has taught you?

“Football taught me no matter how big somebody is, the person with the most heart is going to win every time.”