DITR: Devin Strange

Devin Strange is a Class of 2023 Defensive End for Marcus High School in Flower Mound, Texas. Even in his early high school career, Devin possesses an awesome build to actively make the quarterback feel his presence at 6’3” 215 pounds. This build allows for him to be fast enough to get around tackles and tight end, but still be able to make the big hit. One thing that stands out about Devin’s game, is that he never gives up on a play; this can be seen as he doesn’t stop until the whistle blows and it seems like he is always going to be a part of the tackle. Strange has a high football IQ that is shown on the field by his ability to read the backfield with ease. This knowledge of the game translates to his class work as Devin has a 3.5 GPA. Look out for Devin Strange to terrorize offensive lines his entire Junior season.

Check out Devin’s highlights.

Why did you choose to play football and when did you start?

I started playing football in 1st grade because it kept me busy and it looked fun to play.

What life skills has football taught you over time?

Football has taught me that even when you fail you have to get up and try harder, family and leadership skills, and just how to be tough.

Would you consider yourself a speed rusher, power rusher, or a run stopper?

I would consider myself to be a speed rusher, I use my speed and hands to get around offensive lines.

What’s your go to move to get past an offensive lineman?

My favorite move is a rip or a swim move.

What technique do you like to line up in?

I like to line up in a wide five, it gives me more time to set up my move and decide what to do.

What are some things you think about pre snap?

Of course, I look at the lineman and his stance, I also look at the backfield to see if there’s someone in the backfield, or if there is a tight end.

Do you see yourself as more of a hard-hitting tackler, or a conservative one?

I see myself as a hard-hitting tackler.

What defensive scheme would best utilize your talents?

A 3-4, just because I don’t have to go outside as much.

What current or past player, do you think your game mirrors the most?

I think Jamal Adams playstyle mirrors my game the most.

 How do you think extreme biking/boarding and basketball has made you a better football player?

Both extreme biking/boarding and basketball have made me more in shape and kept me active.

Does your jersey number (17) hold any significance to you?

I chose 17 because I always loved the number.

What your favorite pre-game song to listen to?

Not really, I like to listen to rap, pop, and soul.

In your opinion, what is the best aspect of your game?

Probably my pash rushing skill and my ability to drop back in coverage.

How did Covid-19 impact your Sophomore season?

I didn’t get the chance to get as much work in as I would’ve, and I lost the opportunity to play in one game because I got the virus.

Going into your junior season, do you have any goals set?

My goals are to get more offers and exposure, and also to gain weight and be in the best shape as possible.

At the end of the day, who is someone you look up to?

I look up to my dad, he has taught me a lot of lessons that help me in the real world.

Describe a time where you were going through adversity, how did you get through it?

One time I went through adversity, I had Oscar Slaughters which is growing pain, I got through it with my dad’s endless support.

Finally, what are colleges going to get out of Devin Strange?

They are going to get a hardworking player not only in the field, but in the classroom.

GPA- 3.5.