DITR – Braylon Dusang

Braylon Dusang is a 6’4″, 305 pound, class of 2024 OL and DL from Holy Savior of Menard High School in Alexandria, Louisiana. Braylon predominantly lines up as a DL for the Eagles and wrecks havoc on the opposing offensive line. His huge frame and physical strength allows him to bully offensive lineman and get pressure on the quarterback, or to plug up a gap when the other team is running the ball. Braylon still plays on the offensive line somewhat regularly, enough to earn 1st team all-district on offense as well as on defense. Braylon mentioned that he models his offensive craft on Terron Armstead and his defensive game on Cameron Jordan, two talented NFL veterans who use their size and strength to dominate.

Braylon is one of Gridiron Football’s newest Bowl Game invite, for the game in December. Braylon was one of the top performers at Gridiron Football’s recent camp in Jonesboro, Louisiana, and was invited based on his performance. At the camp, Braylon ran a 5.85 40-yard dash, a 4.80 shuttle, and jumped 6’10” in the broad jump.

Photo courtesy of Braylon Dusang (#78)

I recently had the chance to interview Braylon:

Why and at what age did you start playing football?

“I started playing football when I was 5 because ever since I could remember, I watched football with my dad, and I fell in love with it and wanted to play it.”

Have you always played your current position, or did you play a different position growing up?

“I was always a offensive lineman until sophomore year I became a defensive lineman and fell in love with it and it became my main position.”

What sets you apart from everyone else on the field?

“What sets me apart from everyone else on the field is my strength and being able to find the ball as soon as it is hiked.”

What is your favorite accomplishment so far in your football career?

“My favorite accomplishment in my football career so far is making all-district for both offense and defense.”

What is your favorite memory playing football so far?

“My favorite memory of playing football was beating Pineville this year. It was the most exciting moment of my career.”

How do you balance athletics and academics?

“I balance my athletics and academics by spending time in the morning on my academics.”

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced on the field?

“The biggest challenge I face on the field is playing both ways and trying to make it through the whole game.”

How do you stay physically fit outside of football?

“I do other sports to stay in shape, and I workout everyday of the week.”

What are you hoping to achieve in this upcoming season?

“I am hoping to help lead my team to a deep run in the playoffs and getting offers.”

What is your end goal for your football career?

“My end goal of my football career is to make sure everyone knows my name.”

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned playing football?

“The most important lesson I’ve learned in football is to treat my teammates like family.”

How do you prepare for big games?

“I stay up later on nights before a big game, watching film and learning the best techniques.”

What type of play style do you have?

“I play very aggressive and smart.”

What did your 2022 stats look like?

“I had close to 40 tackles and received first team all-district both ways.”

Lastly, who is the biggest role model in your life?

“The biggest role model in my life is my dad because he always pushes me to get better.”