Diamond in the Rough: Treylan James

Treylan James is a junior WR/FS from Madison Prep High School in Baton Rouge, LA. Treylan possesses a 6’2, 175 pound frame that translates well to either side of the ball. Watching this guy in practice and games, he has great ball skills to go along with a strong set of hands. Anything thrown in his vicinity, he has the tools to be able to make a play on the ball, whether that’s on offense or defense. Treylan can run any route and is definitely a safety blanket for his team. He has shown that he can and will make plays in big moments. This guy has been turning heads all season and will continue putting the state on notice. Off the field, Treylan has a 3.2 GPA. It’s rare that a guy can be effective on both sides of the ball, so watch out for him in the class of 2023.

When did you start playing football and who were some of your biggest motivators?

I grew up on football. I started playing when I was 4 years old. My uncle and my brother played. I play for my grandmother and grandfather. I was really close with them.

Taking a quick look back at last season with Covid and everything going on, what did you do to get in shape and stay motivated?

I wanted to get on the field to prove myself and just get my name out there. I was lifting everyday, going on 2 mile runs, and just grinding putting in work to prepare for the start of the season.

What are your biggest strengths on the football field?

I am another coach on the field. I have great ball skills, I can direct things, and make plays with the ball in my hands. I show up when it matters most.

What do you love most about getting to play the game of football?

I just love the idea of being apart of a team. Each individual has to work together to achieve the goal and I enjoy being apart of that with my teammates.

After coming watch you play, I noticed that you lined up at free safety and wide receiver for most of the game? Which position would you prefer to play at the next level?

I would choose safety. I feel like it’s easier to play and just comes to me naturally. I’ve been playing safety since I was a kid and I love hitting.

What personal goals have you set out to accomplish this season? Team goals?

I want us to win it all to prove ourselves to everyone and show that we are the real deal. For myself, on offense I want to catch 10 touchdowns and at least 1,000 receiving yards. On defense, I want 5 picks and 30 tackles.

What can college coaches expect to Treylan James to bring to their program?

They would get someone who works hard, is self motivated, and always looks out for other people.

Tell me some things you feel you can improve as a football player?

I have to work on mental approach to games. Just always remembering to keep my composure at all times on the field. I want to work on getting stronger and faster.

How do you want to be remembered by your teammates and coaches at Madison Prep?

I just want them to remember me as a kid who always listened. A guy who went the extra mile to help out his teammates and loves to have fun.

Click here to check out Treylan’s Highlights https://t.co/dT1F2Rw3X8

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