January 19, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Joseph Kreger

Joseph Kreger is a senior defensive tackle out of John Curtis Christian School in River Ridge, Louisiana.  Joseph stands 5’ 11” and weighs 265 pounds.  He is a strong and physical player that is in the trenches trying to bust up every play.  He plays for a John Curtis team that is a highly ranked team in going into the playoffs and a highly ranked team in Louisiana.  They are again going to the playoffs and in the hunt for the state championship.  He wants to finish off his senior year with a state title and a ring.

When did you start playing football?

I have been playing football since I was 5 years old when my father started to teach me the game and i eventually fell in love with the sport.  I have loved it ever since and is my passion.

What do you love most about the game?

The thing I love the most about the game of football would be the contact in the game.  I love the physicality and getting out there and hitting people and tackling people.

What other hobbies do you have besides playing football?

My other hobbies are hunting and fishing.  I love to go duck hunting and deer hunting.  The fighting I like to do is fishing for either bass, red fish, or trout.  Those are the things I like to do when I’m not playing football or at practice.

What type of leadership role do you have on your team?

I feel like I am a humble leader.  Instead of a loud spoke vocal leader I am one who tries to just help show other teammates and players the right things and help anyone.  I try to be motivation for the team and show my hard work and leadership on the field.

What do you see your future looking like?

First off I hopefully see myself playing college football somewhere to continue playing what I love.  After I see myself with a good job so that one day, I have a family I can provide for and take care of.

What goal do you see for yourself and your team the rest of the season?

I can definitely see us making a deep run in the playoffs and going on to the state championship and winning in my senior season. I want to go out as a champion and get that championship ring.

Who is your biggest inspiration to play the game you love?

I would probably say that my biggest inspiration would be my dad because he is the one that taught me everything on how to play the game since I was little at the age of five.  He is the reason I got into football and helped me get to be a championship type player.

What would it mean to win the state title in your senior year?

I would mean absolutely everything for me to win it my senior year.  It would show all of the hard work and dedication I have put into the game every day and would be a great way to end of high school experience.