Diamond in the Rough: John Stone

John Stone is a class of 2023 offensive lineman out of Washington Township High School in Sewell, New Jersey. He is 6’3 and weighs in at about 285 lbs. John is a physical run blocker who does a great job of driving defenders off the ball with an aggressive first punch. John has a quick first step and explodes his hands into his defender. He has great hand placement and plays violently until the whistle blows. He is very good at keeping his hands engaged with defenders and driving his legs to create big holes for running lanes. John’s athleticism stands out consistently when he pulls. He does a great job of kicking out the edge defender and gets the second level quick. While watching some of John’s highlights, his violent style of play is something that struck out to me right away. He comes off the ball aggressively and dominates his defenders using his strength to his advantage.

1. When did you start playing football?

When I was 5

2. What would you say is your biggest strength as a player?

My violent style of play

3. What do you love about the game of football?

The life lessons that it teaches you

4. What have you learned about yourself playing football?

How to handle adversity

5. Football aside, who would you say is your biggest role model or someone you look up to?

My parents and family. They push me to be my best everyday and seeing how hard working they are makes me want to work even harder.

6. Do you play any other sports?

Wrestling and basketball

7. What separates you from the thousands of other recruits trying to play division I football?

My level of violence on the field and doing well in the classroom

8. What motivates you?

My family

9. What is something that your teachers would say about you?

Good student/kid and always takes care of business in the classroom

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