Diamond in the Rough: Iverson Howard

Iverson Howard is a class of 2025 ATH out of Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The 5’11”, 175-pound rusher was the lead running back for the Cougars last year as a freshman with a GPA of 3.3. Already, he has gotten offers from the Boston College Eagles, the Maryland Terrapins, and the Ole Miss Rebels (to name a few). This week I had the honor of talking to him for a little bit, and here’s how it went.

Q: Why do you play the game? “I want to get out of the bad environment and help my family out, and football is a good way to do that.”

Q: How do you balance sports with your other responsibilities? “Really, my main focus is football, but school is starting back up, so really my only focuses are school and football.”

Q: Where do you see football going in your life? “Really, it’s always been a dream [since I was] a kid to make it to the next level, so when I recieved my first offer it put a smile on my face. [It presented] an opportunity to get there.”

Q: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned playing football? “Never backing down, even when times were tough. You’ve got to keep your head in the game, and to keep pushing.”

Q: How are you looking to improve your game? “I’ve been working out every day, hitting the field, doing cone drills, running drills… trying to stay in shape as much as I can. We’re gonna run the ball a lot this year.”

Q: How do you stay trained and in football-shape in the offseason? “I like running [up and down] hills, that’s kind of my number one go-to. I do that every day. I do a lot of cardio, on the bikes. Running on the treadmill really [maintains and] improves my speed.”

Q: What is something college coaches should know about you? “Even though I was one of the smallest people on the field… I would put my head down and run over [these big linebackers] every time. I never back down from nothing.”

You can check out his highlights here.