Diamond in the Rough: Hayes Fawcett

Hayes Fawcett is a 3 star QB out of Kinder High School in Kinder Louisiana and is a current commit to the 2019 Louisiana Gridiron Football All-Star Game. Fawcett stands at 6’0 180 lbs with incredible speed and strength. At Kinder High, Fawcett runs the triple-option offense which has transformed him into an incredibly gritty and tough athlete. Along with an outstanding ability to run the ball, Fawcett possesses a great arm, a rare trait in triple-option quarterbacks. A field general through-and-through, Fawcett excels at reading coverage, defensive fronts, and has a football IQ that gives opposing defenses fits. Along with his impressive physical accolades, Fawcett is a 4.0 student and boasts an impressive ACT score of 24. Along with football, Hayes is a catcher for his school’s baseball team, who brought home the State Championship last season.

What age did you get into football and what made you want to participate in the sport?

I began playing football when I was 5 years old. My dad was always a huge football fan and he really instilled that interest from a young age. I grew up going to LSU games with my grandparents and watching LSU football. From then on my love of the sport grew and I’ve always had a passion for the game since then.

What specifically draws you into the sport? Is there anything you love most about the game of football?

I can’t say enough about the brotherhood the game creates. You form a bond with your teammates throughout the years which really allows you to get close to these guys and from life long bonds. 

What would you say comes most naturally to you in regards to the game? What do you believe to be your biggest challenge?

The easiest for me would have to be reading defenses. I’ve been a student of the game for so long that it really comes naturally. It makes it really easy to know which throws I have to make and what my correct reads are. For the hardest, I think its the timing of it all. Being in sync with your receivers and timing your throws based on your drop can be a challenge, but it’s something I’ve spent a lot of time on and think I’ve made some great strides.

How would you describe yourself as a quarterback or just as an athlete in general? 

I see myself as a field general, someone who can go out there and effectively read defenses and lead my guys on every drive. I can say one thing, I’m definitely not afraid to get hit and I’m always looking for contact. I’m not the type to shy away from contact and when your teammates see that type of mentality, it really makes them want to play harder for you. At the end of the day, I’m a dual threat, tough runner, with a big arm to back it up.

What is something you have been working at getting better as a quarterback?

First, I think it’s important to always be working on getting faster and stronger. Another thing is that I’m always trying to learn and grasp different playbooks and schemes. I think football IQ is something that will always continue to improve and is extremely important to always work on.

Is there a particular play that you would consider your favorite?

Definitely the triple option. I love reading defenses and picking the right option and fooling the defense is so hard to stop with that play and it really gets you excited when you know you’ve made the right read.

Are there any players, college or pro, that you look up to as a quarterback?

At the college level, I love Joe Burrow. The emotions and overall swagger he brings to the field are amazing to watch. Who wouldn’t want to play for a guy like that? In the pros, I’ve always been inspired by guys like Drew Brees and Kyler Murray. They’ve proven that no matter your size, if you work hard enough, you can play at the highest level and have incredible success.

When you are off the field, what are some things you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love making photo edits of recruits and players. Over the years I’ve gotten many opportunities to talk to these guys and it’s been an amazing experience. I also enjoy playing video games like 2K and Madden. It’s a great way to relax and just wind down after practice or a game.

So outside of football, you are also a member of your school’s baseball team. Tell me a bit about how that experience translates into football.

It definitely has had an impact on me as an athlete. As a catcher, you’re a field general on the diamond in the same way that you are as a quarterback on the football field. I think the whole experience has translated well and has left me with a more balanced and well-rounded athlete.

Finally, what has the game of football taught you in your young adult life?

Like I said earlier, it reinforces that concept of brotherhood and community. The game has taught me a lot about myself and life, that nothing will ever come easy and you have to just continue to keep growing as a person.