DITR: Safety, Rholly Dupree Covington High School

Meet Rholly Dupree, a talented athlete from Covington High School who is a valued player on the football field due to his winning mentality and unwavering commitment.

Rholly, who is 5’9″ and weighs 142 pounds, is a dynamic player. Rholly is a gifted athlete who excels in both academics and athletics. He has a 3.3 GPA and six years of football experience in Louisiana, Virginia, and California.

With six tackles, two tackles for loss, and three deflections in the previous season, Rholly shown his abilities. But his most memorable play—which demonstrated his ability to perform well under duress—came with a key two-point conversion stop that gave his team the victory they desperately needed.

Safety is Rholly’s preferred position, where he excels in reading the field and making split-second decisions. His skills on the field are his zone coverage and strong sense of the quarterback’s motions, which have earned him reputation as a defensive standout.

Off the field, Rholly shows his leadership and dedication to his community by representing the Covington Class of 2027 in district-wide student advisory panel meetings.

Rholly’s love of football continued with him to the Gridiron Elite Camp, where he enjoyed showing off his abilities and produced a remarkable forced incompletion during 7-on-7 drills.

Rholly Dupree has the winning mentality, teamwork, and on-field performance to propel him to greater heights in football and beyond. Watch this rising talent closely as he aims to accomplish great things in the future.

How did you get started in football, and what inspired you to play the sport?

My dad inspired me to play football.

Can you share a memorable moment or game that stands out in your football career so far?

My team’s only loss of the season was to North Shore high school.

What positions do you enjoy playing the most, and why?

Safety because i like being able to read the field and use good decision making to determine my movements on the field.

How do you balance schoolwork and football during the season?

By making sure my time with the team is well spent and spending free time doing my homework.

What aspects of your game do you feel you have improved upon the most since you started playing?

I’ve improved my ability to make tackles and lose the fear i had for hitting.

What are your individual goals for the upcoming football season?

To get more tackles and interceptions.

Are there any professional football players you look up to, and if so, why? 

Ed reed because he was a play maker. No matter if it came to making big hits or interceptions or even just preventing a player from receiving a pass he was everywhere he needed to be and did anything in his power to help his team.

How do you stay motivated during practices and training sessions, especially when facing tough drills or exercises?

By remembering the overall goal is to make it big, finish what my dad started and help my mom in any way possible.

What advice would you give to other young players? 

To keep their heads up and never let go of your dreams or let anyone tell you it isn’t possible.

Aside from football, what is an interesting fact about you? 

I represent the covington class of 2027 in student advisory panel meetings with the entire district.

Which college would you most like to play for? 


What are your biggest strengths on the field? 

My zone coverage and my ability to read the quarter back.

How has playing football impacted other areas of your life, such as academics and personal life?

Football brings me joy and anytime I am angry it calms me down it also gives me a reason to care about academics.