Diamond in the Rough: DB Quentin Steele

Quentin (QJ) Steele is a defensive back for Jackson High School Aggies in Jackson, Alabama. The Aggies are ranked number one in the 4A Region with their undefeated record. QJ is an extraordinary help to this defense that has resulted in their record. This versatile defensive back can play multiple different positions on the defensive side. The ball-hawking senior can play from deep safety to rushing the quarterback or attacking the running back as a nickel. He plays most of his snaps at safety where he uses his high vision and awareness to watch the quarterback’s eyes and gets to the ball to make a contested play for the receiver. Quentin also has a great eye for watching the rush and getting through the offensive lineup to tackle the runner near the line of scrimmage.

I recently had a chance to talk to Quentin Steele:

Q: When did you start playing football?

“I have been playing since I was like four or five. I just always liked football when I was little so when my momma signed me up, I played little league ball and I’ve been playing ever since then.”

Q: What are your hobbies off of the football field?

“I like hanging out with my friends. I play basketball and baseball. I enjoy hanging out around them [friends and teammates] and having fun.”

Q: What is your favorite football memory?

“Probably my tenth-grade year, we made a playoff run to the fourth round. In the third round it was a home game versus Handley. We won by one point off the last play. Our quarterback, Walter Taylor, he plays for Vanderbilt right now, ran it in to seal the game.”

Q: What are your biggest strengths on the football field?

“No fear, no doubt. I just go out there and play my game and I know if I go out there and play my game no one can mess with me.”

Q: As a defensive back what specific position do you play? Also, what other positions have you played?

“Yeah I play it all. I can play the nickel, corner, safety, free safety, it doesn’t matter. I can play anywhere on the field. On the offensive side I played wide receiver. I switched over to just defense to focus on it more. Playing receiver has helped me with route recognition, like, I can tell if a wide receiver is lined up outside, most of the time, they are coming in and if they line up inside, most of the time, they are going out.”

Q: What have you learned about yourself while playing football?

“That hard work pays off. If you dedicate yourself to the game, it will fall in place. Just stay dedicated and put in the hard work, everything will pay off.”

Q: Besides football, do you play any other sports? And, if yes, how have they help your football game?

“I’ve played basketball and baseball. I’ve played baseball on and off, but I have played basketball all my life. They still keep me in shape even during the off season when I am not playing football. Running up and down the court keeps me in shape. In baseball I run bases a lot, so it keeps my speed up.”

Q: What is your personal goal for the season?

“My personal goal as a senior and as a starter for this team is to be a leader. I really want to lead my team to state. We are undefeated right now trying to be region champs, it would be my first year being a regional champion. I just trying to finish the job right now by leading everyone and keeping them on track.”

Q: Who is your biggest role model?

“My momma is my biggest role model. She is a very strong woman. She raised me basically by herself.”

Q: Can you describe your leadership on this team?

“I try to keep everybody in place. Making sure everyone knows their assignments and be discipled, to play fast, smart, and physical and to just play our game.”  

Q: How would you describe your playstyle on the field?

“I am what you need on the field. I can hit I can cover. It doesn’t really matter where you put me, I going to get to the ball and give them a hit.”

Q: Which type of cover do you prefer man or zone coverage?

“When it is crunch time, I like going straight man, but if it is a game, we are killing I’d go zone. I’m a ball hawk, so if a quarterback goes one way I am going there.”

Q: What do you think you still need to improve on at defensive back?

“There is always room for improvement on anything. I don’t really know on the top of my head but if I’m in a game I try to make game time adjustments. I can feel if I am not doing something right. So, I need to get better at doing these adjustments before or quicker. Just being aware and adapt quicker, and work on the things I need to work on.”

Q: Are there any current NFL or college players that you like to study their film or model your game after?

“Right now, I’m digging, Devon Witherspoon on the Seahawks. He is like that.”

Q: How would your teammates describe you?

They know that I’ll joke around with them sometimes, but when it’s time to get locked in and get to it, it is all business. I am not going to play around when it is business.”

Q: How was the recruiting process for you?

“It has been good as of lately, I have been picking up some offers. I’ve gotten offers from Holmes CC, Independence CC, Bethel University, Clark University, and MJS. I’ve been also talking to a lot of coaches recently.”

Q: What are you looking for in the college you choose?

“I am looking somewhere where I can help the team most defiantly, to help myself, put me in a better predicament, and to make me better as a player and a person. A place where I can get a degree, better my life, and help get my family out of what we are in.”

Q: What is something you want your college coaches to know about you for the next upcoming year?

“I want him to know that I am coming, I’m coming. Whatever he needs me to do I’ll do it, wherever, whenever.”

Q: What is one thing you are looking forward to playing football at the next level?

“I am looking to make a statement and get my name out there fast, mainly. Also, getting used to the environment and playing at the college level.”

Quentin Steele has accepted our indentation for the Gridiron Football Bowl Game and will be playing in our game this December.