August 17, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Chris Primeaux, St. Thomas More

Photo Credit Scott Clause

Chris is an underrated prospect from St. Thomas More High School in Lafayette, for the 2018 class. Chris is a 5’9″, 180 lbs running back, who is the fastest prospect that Coach Andy Bryson has seen this season. He rushed for over 1200 yards and averaged 8 yards per carry.

Chris has the size and speed to be an every down back at the next level in college.


Check out his HUDL film:

Photo Credit Scott Clause


Bench: 185×15

Squat: 465

ACT: 24

GPA: 3.3


When did you start playing football?

I started in the fourth grade for a rec. team, then when I got to fifth grade is when I really started playing and really started to enjoy it more. I played linebacker and actually O-line when I was in fifth grade.


What is your main reason for playing football?

I’ve been playing it for so long, it’s just something that I love doing. I love football.


How do you feel this season went?

It went well, it could’ve gone better, we got knocked out of the playoffs in the third round, so that was disappointing but overall it did go well.


What type of play best describes you?

I feel like I’m a down hill runner, I’ve got lots of speed, try to run behind my pads. I’m not afraid to run someone over if I need to, but I think I have that decision making ability to make a guy miss too.


What are some of your college hopes and wishes?

I really want to play at the next level, I don’t want to go somewhere and have to ride the bench. If I had to red shirt a year I would if it meant I was going to play. I just really want a shot to prove myself at the next level.


What was one thing you worked on this season?

My footwork, it was a weak point. I definitely got more work with my pro agility and it helped during the season. I really saw an improvement this year with that.


What is one area of the game you think you excelled at?

It was easier to find holes this year running behind pulling linemen, whether that was a guard or tackle. That’s the type of offense we ran, it helped me with my vision and I broke off a couple of big runs because of it.


If you get the opportunity to play college ball, what is one thing you hope to accomplish?

I want to have a great career, and be remembered as a great player.


What do you love about football?

That it is constantly pushing me to be better than I was, that I really can’t settle for being just okay.





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