Diamond in the Rough: Anthony Little

Anthony Little is a class of 2023 defensive end from Rock Creek Christian Academy in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He is 6’4 and weighs about 240 pounds. Anthony has the unique combination of both power and speed that is hard to find in edge rushers. He has the ability to beat linemen using his strength and drive them yards behind the line of scrimmage. Little also has some incredible speed on the field. He has a powerful quick first step and has the ability to squeeze down the line to and stop the play before it can even happen. As of right now, Anthony’s max squat is 515 lbs. After watching the film on him, I immediately saw the power/speed combination he plays with. Currently he is committed to the University of Georgia Tech. 

When did you start playing football?

I started playing when I was 6

What is your biggest strength as a player?

I would say my biggest strength is my power and speed

What do you love about playing football?

I like how competitive it is and when someone is in front of you, it’s either them or you. 

Football aside, who is your biggest role model or someone you look up to?

I look up to both my mom and my dad. Seeing how strong my mom is and seeing her work all day and she still has to take care of three kids. Then, my dad and seeing how he handles situations. Basically how stuff doesn’t really faze him. 

Anything specific that you have been working on this offseason/summer?

I’ve been working on my explosiveness, my power, and my speed

Are there any current NFL or college player that you model your game after and study?

TJ Watt, Chandler Jones, Myles Garrett, and Max Crosby

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Do you have any hobbies?

I like bowling and playing golf, especially Top Golf

Do you play any other sports?

Yeah, I boxed until I was in the tenth grade

Describe a time when you might have gone through adversity?

In the tenth grade when I broke my wrist and I just started to get put on the map. When I broke my wrist, I had to sit out like the whole season. And then right after that it was Covid, so I couldn’t play. I had to wait like two years. 

What has football taught you about yourself?

It’s taught me that I’m a pretty strong minded person. 

What makes you special/different from the thousands of other recruits trying to play college football?

I work hard and basically, I’m fast and strong. I feel like I’m one of the fastest players on the field and I feel like I’m one of the strongest on the field everytime I step on the field. Not a lot of people can be both fast and strong. 

Describe your style of play? Are you more of a run stopper or pass rusher?

My style is just being the dominant force on the edge, locking down the edge, and rushing off the edge. I can also drop into coverage