D.I.T.R: Parker “Billy” Puckett – QB

Billy Puckett is a 6’0″ 185 pound quarterback at Jackson Prep – in Jackson, Mississippi. He is the quarterback of the future for one of the biggest powerhouses in MAIS football. Jackson Prep is coming off of their 22nd state championship, in a win over Madison-Ridgeland Academy. Puckett is coming into the starting position this upcoming season as a junior at Jackson Prep, giving him two years to compete at this this level. He is an athlete who can get the job done in the classroom as well, as he holds a 4.0 GPA.

Q: Tell us about yourself, where did you grow up and such?

I grew up here in Jackson, Mississippi. I used to go to Jackson Academy; which is right up the road from Jackson Prep. I was there from kindergarten to fifth grade, then moved to Jackson Prep in sixth. I have been playing quarterback all of my life; from flag football to where I am now.

Q: When did you start playing football?

I began playing flag football in 2nd grade. When I got to 3rd grade I actually played up to the 4th grade tackle football.

Q: Do you play any sports other than football?

I have always played football, baseball, and basketball. This is my first year not playing baseball.

Q: What is your favorite part about playing the quarterback position?

I like the leadership you have to have, the accountability that comes with the position. You have one of the biggest roles on the team. Success, you can’t win games without a good quarterback – whether that quarterback creates leadership or scores points.

Q: Opposite of that, what is one of the most challenging parts about playing quarterback?

One, quarterback is a hard spot to get, since there is only one on the field as opposed to two or three like other positions. Another hard part about it is just taking all the accountability and pressure. If something goes wrong, people are blaming the quarterback, if something goes right, they are praising the quarterback and praising others.

Q: Is there a current or former player you look up to at your position?

I like to watch a lot of Will Rogers, Mississippi State’s quarterback. I also look up the quarterback who played ahead of my last year, Paxton Thompson, who is graduating this year. He was not the most athletic guy but he is a great leader that got the job done – we got our state championship. I look up to him; he works very hard and is a competitor. Will Rogers because we are both similar. Both not the tallest, and he is not the fastest or anything, but he is smart with the football and makes the right decision.

Q: What strengths do you believe you have, that can make you an impact athlete on the field next year?

I think my strengths are my decision making, my competitiveness – not wanting to lose and pushing my teammates to be the same way. My leadership and my trust in my coaches. All of those effect the way I play and give our team a good chance of winning.

Q: How would your teammates describe you?

They would describe me as one of the hardest workers on the team.

Q: What motivates you to be a better player?

I would say probably my teammates and my school. My dad as well, he pushes me really hard and it makes me want to go out there and become a better player everyday for him, my teammates, and school.

Q: What are you looking forward to this upcoming season, any specific goals for you?

Win a state championship for this team.

Parker “Billy” Puckett

This quarterback is the star of the future at one of the most decorated schools in Mississippi. While expectations are high for this young quarterback, Puckett is ready to prove that he is the next leader of this team. Billy is a sharp passer that is quick at decision-making, often making the correct read. This is a rare pro-style quarterback that may not show the lightning speed or throw 80 yards in the air, but he is a smart signal-caller that makes great throws on quick instincts and decisions. This 2025 graduate plans on spending his offseason further improving his game. Billy Puckett will be a junior at Jackson Prep this upcoming season, where he plans on showcasing his talents for the next two years.