Diamond In The Rough: Alfredo Avendano

Alfredo Avendano, a 5’8, 210 pounds LB from East Jefferson High School is an absolute monster on the field. Avendano is extremely versatile and determined both on and off of the field, assisting his team to the state 5A playoffs all while maintaining a 3.91 GPA and staying busy and focused on his future, even when he’s not in school, by volunteering with his father’s construction company. The LB benches 335, squats 315, and cleans 235, it’s no wonder he’s being recruited by every single level of college teams. The 3-star prospect received a 10/10 ranking in both the vision and aggression categories and considers himself hardworking, well-rounded, and a great leader.

When was your first-time playing football?

  • 7th grade when I moved to Louisiana

Why did you start playing football?

  • When I first got into middle school I just wanted to try all of the sports since I had never done a team sport and football caught my attention and I was pretty good at it so I thought I would stick with it

What are some of your hobbies outside of football or like on a free day?

  • Probably go hang out with my friends or watching Netflix with my little brothers

How do you feel your teammates would describe you?

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  • I think they would describe me as a leader because I keep pushing all of us and I don’t give up

Where have you seen the most growth in your play?

  • Probably in my reading skills as a linebacker

What type of football player would you say you are?

  • I’d say I don’t give up and I keep pushing myself. If I know I can get better and I just want to be the best that I can and I know that I have all my teammates backs when they need it

What sets you apart from your competition? Like what would make someone choose you over the player next to you?

  • To me, I think it would be my academic skills and my athleticism because I keep my grades up and I work my butt off in football and in school. And just you know, I want to go to college and have a career if I can’t keep playing football. And I just like school, especially math and football, I love the adrenaline.

Do you watch game film? If so, what are you looking for?

  • Alignment, subtle differences, footwork

From the being inducted into the National Honors Art Society, to taking honor level and AP (Advanced Placement) classes all throughout his high school career, to the senior pep rallies and football season he’s looking forward to, right down to his goals to make it to the state playoffs and become 1st team all-district LB, it’s no secret that Avendano has nothing but promising roads ahead of him. He hopes to become and architect one day, sculpting and designing houses and buildings with a company of his own. His selflessness beams through his words and when asked why he wants to go to college, he answered, “I want to achieve great heights in my life, create a great future for my future family.” Hope to see you on a university field next year, Alfredo!