D.I.T.R.: Tyxavier Washington

Tyxavier Washington is a 5’9″ 170 lbs. cornerback and free safety for McKinley High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Having already picked up an offer from McPherson University in Kansas, this athlete is bound to pick up more offers this upcoming spring. At cornerback, Washington is someone who can read where the football is going, having a pick six along with a fumble recovery. He can make plays on special teams as well playing the role of gunner for them along with being a punt returner. At punt returner, he has the ability to take it to the house at any time showcasing how dynamic he is in a football game. Check out our Q&A below!

When do you start playing football?

8 years old

What is your favorite thing about playing football?

The thrill of making a play when all the eyes are on you

What have you learned the most from your coach?

Discipline, you can’t play the game of football if you do not have discipline

What is your favorite football memory?

When we won our first game sophomore year, since we didn’t win my freshman year 

What sports do you play outside of football?


Who is the player you idolize your game after?

I look at different things different cornerbacks do, guys like Jalen Ramsey and Sauce Gardner

What is your favorite NFL team?

Cincinnati Bengals or New Orleans Saints

Who do you consider to be your role model?

My mom

How do you balance school and football?

It’s a mind game, and you need to have the mindset to flip the switch from school to football

How do you prepare yourself for a game?

Music, it help calms me down

What is your favorite pre/post-game meal?

Peanut butter jelly sandwich, or corn flakes without the milk

What is the best aspect of your game?

My footwork, and how quick I can catch on to things

What separates you from others?

My mindset

What is your definition of being a good teammate?

Helping your team make up, and being real with your teammates