WR Keon Hutchins: Union, MS

One of the fastest wide receivers in the state of Mississippi for the 2024 class is Union High School wide receiver Keon Hutchins. At 6’1, 165 pounds, Hutchins’ biggest attribute is his 4.4/40 speed that he brings to the table. His quickness and speed help him get a big advantage over his defenders.

“My biggest strength to my game is my speed. That separates me from defensive backs a lot because they can’t run with me, and I have great hands, run good routes, and have very good ball skills.”

A combination of all three make Hutchins a very dependable receiver as he was one of the top offensive players on a Yellow Jackets team that won the district championship last season. In speaking of last season, Hutchins was always a threat to score for the Yellow Jackets as he had 742 yards receiving and nine touchdowns. Along the way, he earned Super 22 honors and was voted the best receiver in the district. Having playmaking speed was something that Hutchins did not realize he had until he started racing some of his family members.

“I never realized how fast I was until I ran against other people, but to get fast, I feel like it came from me racing my sister and dad all the time to be honest.”

Even though speed plays a big part in it, Hutchins prides himself in becoming a complete receiver as he has a good frame and a 33-inch vertical. Growing up an Ohio State fan, Hutchins has always wanted to be one of the many standout receivers that have suited up for the Buckeyes.

“Ohio State is my dream school. If they offer, I’ll commit that day. The wide receiver core is good and it is just something about that school that I have to go there! Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Marvin Harrison Jr. I like them because their game style is kind of like mine’s and I want to model my game after them so when I do go Power Five, I’m already ready!”

Although he has yet to receive an offer from his dream school, there is a lot of interest going towards Hutchins as he has received eight college offers plus interest from Southern Miss and Southern Arkansas.

“My message to college coaches is there might be a lot of players like me, but they can’t outwork me.”

While the offers and college interests are starting to rack up, Hutchin’s focus remains the same and that is doing his best to help the Union Yellow Jackets accomplish big things in 2023.

“I feel like we are going to be the best we’ve been in a long time this season. Everyone is bought in and ready to prove that we can go win this thing. You should expect from us a discipline, fast, and hungry team this year!”

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