Diamond In The Rough: Keenan Jackson

Keenan Jackson is a class of 2023 Wide Receiver/Defensive Back for Aldine MacArthur High School in Houston, Texas. At 6’2” 170 lbs., Keenan has the ideal build to play on both sides of the ball. The dual position athlete can make plays with the ball in his hands, or in the defensive back position stopping the opponents rushing game and making quarterbacks regret throwing it his way. Keenan’s quick play recognition helps him consistently make plays. The  athlete’s tremendous intelligence on the field transfers to the class as he has a 3.8 GPA. Still early in his high school career, you can expect Keenan Jackson to have a bright future.

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Why did you choose to play football and when did you start? I chose to play football because my mom got me into it when I was around 6 to keep me out of trouble.

What life skills has football taught you over time? Football has taught me how to compete, to never give up, and to keep pushing even when you don’t feel like it you’re progressing.

Would you consider yourself a RAC (Run After Catch), Possession, or a go up and get it type of receiver? I’m primarily a go up and get it type of receiver, but I can be all three types.

Do you act as an agile receiver who avoids contact, or do you not shy away from it? I don’t shy away from any form of contact.

As a Wide Receiver, what is your favorite route to run? Why? My favorite route is a go route so I can jump up and make a play on the ball.

Would you rather have the corner press up, or play off of you? It doesn’t matter, but I prefer for them to play off.

Would you consider yourself to be more of a hard hitter tackler or a conservative one? I would consider myself to be more of a conservative tackler.

How do you think playing safety has made you a better receiver and vice versa? Playing safety has helped me become a better receiver with my timing on routes and getting better angles to gain more yards.

What current or past player, do you think your game mirrors the most?I would say my game mirrors Justin Jefferson.

Does your jersey number hold any significance to you? My number is 3 because I have three brothers.

Do you play any sports outside of football? If so, what and how have they helped you? I run track, more specifically I do high jump long jump and run the 400. Both long jump and high jump make me more explosive and have a higher vertical.

Outside of sports, do you have any hobbies you like to do? In my free time, I like to fish.

What your favorite pre-game song to listen to? My favorite pre game song is Crossroads by NBA Youngboy

In your opinion, what is the best aspect of your game? The best aspect of my game is my length and my hands.

How do you think Covid-19 impacted your sophomore season? I didn’t really get to work out with the team in the weight room and lost the opportunity to gain chemistry with my teammates.

What are some goals for your junior year? I want to good catches and be 1st team all-district.

At the end of the day, who is someone you look up to? I look up to my dad.

Describe a time where you were going through adversity, how did you get through it? I don’t have a specific time but to get through any hard times, I just remember what one of my coaches had said, “always said never give up, keep fighting no matter the score.”

Finally, what are colleges going to get out of you? Colleges are going to get a fast, lengthy hard worker, who is a leader and a motivator.

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