Trey McDonald Commits To Virginia

Trey McDonald is a dual position athlete as he plays Outside Linebacker and Tight End for the Baylor Red Raiders out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The first word that needs to be associated with Trey is versatile. He not only lined up at Linebacker and Tight End, but has experience at the safety position, has lined up at the edge, and his frame, 6’4 225lbs, allows him to line up as an outside receiver and serve as a vertical/red zone threat. When playing Tight End, Trey has good route running abilities along with nice hands and is a willing blocker. With all these traits, he is a certified weapon on the offense. When lined up at Linebacker, he offers great speed and sure tackling to plug up holes and offer great run support. Trey brings his prior experience at safety to the linebacker position as he excels in man/zone coverage when asked. Trey McDonald is not only crazy versatile but is also crazy smart. With a 4.1 GPA, a 32 ACT score, and a 1520 SAT score, Trey could go anywhere and exceed expectations on the gridiron or in the classroom.

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Congrats on the recent commitment! What made you pick Virginia over other schools like Dartmouth and Harvard?

It really felt like a home to me. I just liked the culture behind the football team, as well as the academic culture, which is top tier. I really enjoy the campus and I just felt like it was the right place for me to be.

Tell me about yourself, what are some things you are into? Do you have any hobbies?

I am into anything sports. Any pickup games or anything of that sort I am all for. Obviously playing football, but I also paly lacrosse and I enjoy that big time.

When did you start playing football? What made you get into it?

I got pictures of me as a little kid in my hand. I started in kindergarten and then I played tackle in 5th grade. It was always a part of my life. My dad played college ball at South Dakota State where he played Quarter Back. It has always seemed like something fun to do.

What has been the highlight of your football career so far?

You know that is a tough question. We had a pretty big win against Ensworth, they had one or two Ohio State commits and a Memphis commit on that team. It was a good game, the final score was like 28-30, so it came down to the last minute. It was just a fun game.

Did you start out at any other position?

Yes sir, in middle school I played Quarterback and Middle Line Backer. I started off at Safety in high school and then I made the transition to Tight End my junior year, so this year. It was weird being so close to the line of scrimmage, I like being able to help in the run and be involved in the pass game.

Is there anybody you look up to?

I was always a big fan of following the college safety like Jamal Adams and Eric Berry. I am also big on Paris Ford from Pitt too. Those all-time great linebackers like Ray Lewis. Some running backs too like Jonathan Taylor and Leonard Fournette, those guys are just game changers. I remember when Saquan was still in college, it just shocked me. Kyle Pitts from Florida really took me by storm as well.

What NFL player do you try to model your game around?

I like to mix it up, anybody that comes down hill hard, Reuban Foster comes to mind because he always did that. Jamal Adams and Buddha Baker too, they all fly around. I like to try and get some speed to try and run into things like they do. I would love to play a Safety/Linebacker combo, but I have nothing against being solely a linebacker.

What motivates you to get out and practice every day? What is your why?

I just always want to be the best, there is always someone out there doing more than me, it is a catch-up type thing. When I meet up with that guy, I want to be able to put a good lick on him. I always know there is someone bigger and better than me, so I look at that to just keep me going.

What has football taught you about life and yourself in general?

There are a lot of times where you make mistakes, times where you are beaten, but you have to get back up for that next play. Teamwork too, It helps teach you to work with teammates around you in order to get the win and everything like that.