August 19, 2022
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Parkview Baptist keeps lead against St. Louis Catholic High, 34-10

Both #7 Parkview Baptist and #10 St. Louis Catholic had a lot of heart for this rainy playoff game at Parkview Stadium.

The St. Louis Saints came into this game accompanied by a lot of setbacks due to Hurricane Laura. They weren’t even able to play on their own field for the season. Along with that, both teams of course they had to face the negatives that came along with COVID-19. To an outsider, you would have never guessed they had any setbacks as the team, along with the fans, were full of hype and pushed hard the whole game.

They had a good defense the whole game and applied a lot of pressure in the first half. The first touchdown for the Saints was a 14 yard touchdown by Evan Joubert in the 2nd quarter. Joubert also made an interception before the half. Also making a big interception for the Saints was Marcus Duhon. Their season ends with a record of 2-6.

Interception by Marcus Duhon
Interception by Evan Joubert
Field goal for Saints

Parkview Baptist came into this game 6-2. Parkview was good on offense with Nate Goza taking over as quarterback. The defense had Andre Haynes and Sam Hodges on every play. The first touchdown was made by Micah Johnson in the first quarter. Andre Haynes also had a touchdown in the first quarter. It was 14-10 at the half. Their next scores didn’t come until the fourth quarter with Haynes, Jeremiah Deverteuil, and Johnson all sealed the game off. The final score was 34-10 and the Eagles will take on #2 St. Thomas More next Friday.

Touchdown by Andre Haynes

I spoke to Andre Haynes after the game.

What did you expect coming into this game?

“Coming into the game, I felt like we were the better team mentality and physically and that if we do all the right things we’ll win. We work too hard to stop now.”

So up next, you guys play St. Thomas More. How do you feel about that matchup and what do you think you guys will need to focus on for that game?

“The match up is great, couldn’t ask for a better match. I feel like what we need to focus on “The match up is great, couldn’t ask for a better match. I feel like what we need to focus on is our mental mistakes and go 100% every down. We can’t give up mistakes. We need to fight adversity because they will have some momentum, but it’s how we overcome them. Overall, I feel like if we come in on our A game and play smash mouth football, it’ll be a good game for us.”

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