Parkview Baptist Defeats Madison Prep in a Crazy Finish 28-21

On Friday, September 22nd, Madison Prep Academy came to the home of Parkview Baptist School to play their football game. Both teams were ranked inside the top 10, Madison being fifth and Parkview being eighth, before this matchup yesterday. Both teams also had a record of 2-1 before this matchup.

This game started with a slow first quarter with Madison Prep Chargers putting up the first points in the game with a touchdown. Other than that the first quarter was quiet. The second quarter, however, was filled with action. The score was tied up again when Parkview Baptist Eagles quarterback, Abram Johnston, threw a pass to freshmen CJ De Leon on a double move for the Eagles’ first points of the game. With the Chargers’ next drive ending on a failed fourth down conversion, the Eagles were given the ball back. Eagles proceeded to march down the field until Abram Johnston threw another touchdown pass. This time the pass was thrown to Brock Comeaux for a six-yard touchdown to make the score 14-7. Closing the half the Eagles once again had but this time it led to a turnover. Quarterback Abram Johnston threw an interception in the middle of the field to the Chargers defence which was returned for a touchdown with a minute left in the half.

During the second half, this game did not get any less interesting. Parkview started the second half with the ball. This drive ended with another interception thrown by Abram Johnston to the Chargers defense. Throughout this game, both defenses were playing extremely well. While the Chargers had a great rushing attack with players like Tony Lewis, and the Eagles a great passing game with Abram Johnston, their defenses helped out a lot to keep this game close. They caused a ton of punts and missed fourth-down conversions to keep this game interesting to the viewers.

The tie was not broken until the fourth quarter started. It was not until quarterback for the Chargers Landon Johnson threw a touchdown pass to Carlos Freemen to put Madison Prep in the lead 14-21. With the clock winding down and the Chargers once again moving down the field it looked like they were about to take the victory from the Eagles. After a missed third-down throw by Johnson, Madison Prep brought out their kicking team to put the game up by two possessions with four minutes left in the final quarter. Everything changed when Brant Melancon of Parkview successfully blocked that kick.

This block kick gave the Eagles one last hope to attempt to tie the game. With a third and long the game looked like it was going to be over. With the Chargers coverage being stellar, Johnston had to use his legs for a huge scramble to barely get the first down. Parkview’s offense worked their way down the field until it was fourth down and less than ten seconds left in the game. This play would decide it all, if they could continue the game or if they would go home with a loss. On this play quarterback Abram Johnston used his mobility to keep the play alive looking for anyone to be open. This is when he found Jack Herrington at the end of the endzone for the score, making the game 20-21. The Eagles decided to risk it all by going for two. Like the play before Abram used his legs trying to run it in but when it was shut down, he tossed the ball up in the air where Jack Herrington dove to catch the wide-open pass. This made the score 22-21 with one second left in the game. On this last miracle play, Landon Johnson was scrambling around trying to find someone to throw it to before being stripped and the Eagles recovering the fumble for a touchdown, making the final score of the game 28-21 Parkview Baptist Eagles win. This was a great game coached by two head coaches, Stefan LeFors for the Eagles and Landry Williams for the Chargers.