OL Peyton Elder: Slidell, LA

Our latest Diamond in the Rough featured athlete is a 2025 OL out of Salmen High School in Slidell, Louisiana. Peyton Elder is a 6’0, 290 pound powerhouse who can play multiple positions for the Spartans. He secured his starting spot as a sophomore, which was very important to him due to the heavy competition there at the time. He is a very determined lineman for the Spartans as he will do whatever it takes to protect his quarterback. I also did a DITR article on their QB, Cameron Dorsey, and I’m sure he would be the first to tell you what a reliable guy Peyton is to have blocking for him. He is definitely a lineman in the state of Louisiana that college coaches need to keep their eye on for his two remaining years in high school. He will only be a junior this upcoming season, so there is a lot of room for improvement and time to gain some traction under his name.

What age were you when you started playing football and why did you continue to do so over the years?

“I started playing football when I was 5 and as soon as was put in the sport I loved it and everything about it. The environment with your teammates and how it just stuck with me.”

Do you play any other sports or is or only football for you?

“Football has been my main sport for almost my whole life, but in my freshman year after the football season I joined the powerlifting team. It’s now like my side hobby to compete in powerlifting and also better myself and make myself stronger for the next football season.”

What do you enjoy the most about playing on the offensive line?

“What I enjoy the most about being on the O-line is the brotherhood between all your other O-line Men that you practice with and grow with. The trust your team has on you to get your job done for the better of team, and then competition between the D-Line and O-line is something you can’t describe.”

What are you biggest strengths as a player?

“My biggest strengths as a player would probably be the trust I have with my teammates and my drive and how I’m always trying to better myself for the better of the team and how I always have my teams back.”

Biggest things to improve on as a offensive lineman this offseason?

“My biggest things to improve on this season as an Offensive Linemen is probably my footwork and my knowledge of the fronts and what’s going on around me. Also, becoming a leader, now that I am one of the returning starters of the O-Line of Salmen.”

What would you describe as a good teammate?

“I would describe a good teammate as someone you trust and you know has your back and that person knows that they need to get their job done for the team to be successful.”

How has the recruiting process been for you? Any potential offers or any other interests?

“The recruiting process has been difficult recently, I’ve been going to camps since the 8th grade and I always get coaches talking to me after the camps and Coaches telling me how well I’m doing at the camps but no offers right now.”

Goals for season/ What do you want to get out of this season ?

“My goals for this season is to not allow any sacks and have 0 missed blocks and over 80% completions on my blocks during games. Another goal for this season is the State Championship, I’m confident in my team and all the talent we have on the team.”

How do you enjoy playing at Salmen and is it a good fit for you and your football talent?

“I love playing at Salmen, I love the environment and all the friends I’ve made on the team. I love all my coaches and everything they do for us and I feel like Salmen is a perfect fit for me.”

Are there any players you model your game after or watch their tape?

“Players that I look up too and model myself on and watch tape is Will Campbell, he’s number 66 on LSU. I look to his story of being a true freshman and starting his freshman year of college and that’s how I want to be, LSU is my dream college, so I would love that opportunity.”

How do you balance football and school?

“I balance football and school by making sure I get all my work done in school for that day and make sure I don’t have homework to do late after practice so I can’t get to bed early for the next day.”

How do you prepare yourself for a football game?

“The way I prepare myself for a game is just the night before I eat a big dinner and go to bed early, and the next school day I’m quiet, I do my work, and I’m just preparing my head for the game we’re about to play.”

How would your teammates describe you??

“I’d say my teammates would describe me as a hard worker and someone they can trust and rely on to have their backs and do what I have to do for the better of the team.”