LSU Spring Practice Report #5

A day after covering the LSU Pro Day, it was time to shift focus back on the current LSU players. With every passing day, it is looking as the team is getting more and more in football rhythm once again in full pads today.

The LSU defensive line works with a new defensive line coach today in Gerald Chatman. (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

LSU head coach Brian Kelly spoke with the media today and gave a little more insight on what the spring game could look like.

Compared to practices previously, the defensive back room was a little sparce today as both Denver Harris and JK Johnson were not at practice today. Still, a lot of defensive backs got a lot of work in as , Zy Alexander, Laterrance Welch, and Sage Ryan were near the front of line in getting drills in. Meanwhile, the safeties even got some more tutoring from their position coach Kerry Cooks.

LSU head coach Brian Kelly also raved about freshman Javien Toviano and how his versatility is helping the overall nature of the defensive backfield.

Toviano is not the only freshman that is standing out to this point. With a lot of players currently trying to get back to the field recovering from injury or arriving in the summer, the freshmen are getting extra eyes on them and because of that, they are getting opportunities to impress the coaches including Brian Kelly.

At running back, Trey Holly got even more reps along with Noah Cain as Armoni Goodwin and Josh Williams still are not practicing with the running back position.

The Tigers coaching staff lost one of their assistant coaches last weekend as defensive line coach Jamar Cain took a job as a pass rushing specialist coach with the Denver Broncos. Coach Kelly talked about the plan is moving forward in finding another defensive line coach.

“Coach (Gerald) Chatman is a well credentialed defensive line coach and obviously, he is coaching the interior defensive linemen during the spring. We feel great about that and Coach Jancek is coaching the Jacks. From that perspective, we will go through the spring. We are putting together our thoughts relative. Do we hire within or do we go outside? I think all of our options are on the table. We think that it’s important that this a position that we examine all options.”

LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly on approach to finding another defensive line coach

On the offensive line, LSU got a huge boost when Miles Frazier returned back to practice giving the Tigers not only another scholarship player back, but also a player that had started up front last season. Frazier worked back today as the starting right guard while everybody else stayed at their usual positions.

The LSU offensive line huddles together. (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

Linebackers Harold Perkins and Omar Speights continue to lead the charge at linebacker. One of the most interesting early pre-season storylines is where the defensive playmaker will line up this season whether it is outside or inside. Kelly discussed the plan for the star linebacker.

“We want him to play linebacker. We got him on the field last year in an accelerated role based upon the fact that there was too much for him to digest and we didn’t want to get in the way too much of paralysis by analysis so I thought Matt did a great job of getting him on the field fast. Now, it’s time to take the whole position and teach it. He’s a linebacker. He’s going to play linebacker and he’s fully invested in that position.”

LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly on plan for Harold Perkins this fall

Moving forward, it will be worth noting to see what LSU does with their defensive line coach, but the good news from today is that there is a semblance of a plan what the rest of the spring might look like.

LSU linebackers Omar Speights (1) and Greg Penn (30) square off. (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

Check out all of the video highlights from today’s practice:

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