March 28, 2023

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Gridiron Top 300: Chandavian Bradley

Chandavian Bradley is a 6’4” 220-pound 4⭐ Edge-Rusher from Platte County High School in Platte City, Missouri. He is the #2 recruit from the state of Missouri and the #9 overall Edge-Rusher in the country from the class of 2023. Bradley is committed to the University of Tennessee to continue not only his football and academic careers, but he will also play on the Universities basketball team. 

Bradley is an athletic edge rusher that utilizes his hands to maneuver blockers extremely well. He gets off the ball very fast and tracks down the ball carrier with his superb closing speed. 

To view Chandavian Bradley’s Highlights visit the link below!!!

Do you have any goals for the rest of 2022?  Win any type of championship and show people the real me!

What is your biggest strength as a football player? My athleticism. I can play any role I’m needed

What makes you different than every other recruit in the country?  I’m not just an athlete. I do a multitude of different things ranging from theatre to student council. 

What is your proudest achievement in football? All district Junior Year.

What is an example of you overcoming adversity as an athlete? One of the few minorities in my city to go this far.

If you had to compare yourself to a college of a professional player, Who would it be? Why? Will McDonald at Iowa State, we both are skinnier types of pass rushers but we use our speed and ability to move rather than power rush. 

What is something you are looking for in a college program during your recruitment? Already found everything at Tennessee. I need a family environment and they give me more than just that. 

What’s your favorite football memory?  My touchdown in our little league championship. I can hear how proud my dad is when he’s yelling for me to go.

Why did you choose Tennessee? They give me more than football and basketball. They give me the chance to be a better person and more than what I am athletically. They are on a different scale and level than any other school in the nation in my opinion. 

What is something you would want college coaches to know about you? I’m an ecstatic person. My energy transfers to people around me.

Who is someone you look up to off the football field? Jamaar Parrish, my high school’s running back coach, he’s our only black coach and he’s been a person I’ve gone to so I can get more in touch with my culture and ethnicity. But not only that, he’s a great person on the side. He’d show me anything I’d need whenever I need it. Been the best influence to me for the last 2 years.

What role do you play as a leader on the team? I’m not very vocal all the time, but I lead by example and I keep my team level-headed. I’m not much of a person to get down so when others have their head down, I pick them up and try to help get their head straight. Something I’ve always been good at. 

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