GF Media Day 2023 Preview: Ferriday High School (Ferriday, LA)

Head football coach Cleothis Cummings is looking to bring success back to where it belongs in the 318 at Ferriday High School. This is Cummings’ second stint with the Trojans as he was the head coach from 2012-2014. Now that he’s back, Coach Cummings will be a coach, teacher, and leader for this school and football program.

The Ferriday High School Trojans were the Class 2A state champions just back in 2019 so this coaching staff is looking to bring that type of success back to the school and back to the community. They are looking to regain that 2019 version and bring that winning atmosphere back. Coach Cummings says there will be a new look Trojan team this coming season:

“The 2023 version of the Trojans is going to be very different from the ’22 Trojans. We’ve been putting in a lot of work ever since we got there. We are really trying to reestablish some things that had gotten lost. We are just working extremely hard and trying to get back to the Trojan way.”

Ferriday Head Coach Cleothis Cummings

Coach Cummings discusses how much work his players and coaching staff have been putting in this past spring and summer. He feels as if they will be ready come fall and are ready to show that off to the state.

“It’s a testament to Coach Scott, Coach Johnson, and the entire coaching staff because they have all been putting in the work. It’s just one of those things that we know that works so we drill it in those kids. We were hoping they would respond like we need them to and so far they have been.”

Ferriday Head Coach Cleothis Cummings

Coach Cummings is very quick to compliment one of his assistant coaches DeVante Scott, who actually made the trip with the Trojans to Media Day. Being a former college football player himself who finished his career at Southeastern Louisiana University in 2014, Coach Scott brings a lot to the table for this football team. He also is a former Trojan himself so he has passion for this program. He also helped out at the Gridiron Football Elite Camp at Jonesboro-Hodge so he is always looking out for his players.

“We are just trying to get their name out there. That’s the biggest thing we’re trying to do. Once we get them there, everything will work out. If they are at the camp, they definitely are going to get their name out there. Everyone here expects to win championships so you have to go hard no matter what.”

Ferriday Assistant Coach DeVante Scott

Coach Cummings speaks very highly of the three young men he brought along the trip with him. OL/DL Maurice Smith, WR/CB Desmen Jefferson, and RB Rylan Martin are the three athletes pictured below and also had an opportunity to speak with Jace LeJeune.

“These three guys in Rylan Martin, Maurice Smith, and Desmen Jefferson have putting it in a lot of work. They are dedicated to the program and the proposition of what are trying to accomplish. They are pretty much our leaders of the team, so it was best fit for me to bring three guys that are locked in to what we are trying to do.”

Ferriday Head Coach Cleothis Cummings

When asked if they have anything to say to the Ferriday fans and Ferriday faithful out there, Coach Cummings and Coach Scott want people to know how different this season will be compared to last.

“This is going to be a totally different season for us. It’s something for us to look forward to for sure. It is something that can bring back the morale of the town and of course, keep the tradition alive. We need that. We need that support. It’s been big in the past ever since I’ve known it as a player and now as a coach. We need them there to get these kids hyped on Friday nights so we’re ready to win.”

Ferriday Head Coach Cleothis Cummings

“I am very excited and so ready for the season to start. We are putting the work in and we are ready to reap the benefits from all that we have been practicing.”

Ferriday Assistant Coach DeVante Scott