GF Media Day 2023 Preview: Catholic High Pointe Coupee (New Roads, LA)

First year Catholic Pointe Coupee head football coach Jacob Carruth is excited for this opportunity with a new program. Having been at North Central a season ago, Coach Carruth got the job he wanted in New Roads, and he cannot wait to get this thing going. He is looking to bring a new style of football here that is different from the run-heavy offenses that teams are used to seeing from past Hornet teams. When Carruth received the call to become the head coach of the Hornets, it was just an opportunity he could not pass up. He is ready to rebuild this program into something special.

Being this will be his first season with the Hornets, Coach Carruth is looking to imbed a winning culture in New Roads. His love for the game is what drove him to become a football coach in the first place, so he is trying to get that point across to his new team.

“I just love football. I knew from the time, I was a little kid that I wanted to be a football coach. I was getting in trouble in elementary school drawing plays on note cards instead of paying attention in class. Now, I am going into my seventh season as a coach, and my first at Catholic Pointe Coupee. It’ll be my third season as a head coach.

CHS Pointe Coupee Head Coach Jacob Carruth

Carruth says the culture and work ethic of the players of Pointe Coupee will be a key factor to their success this season. He was a late hire, so the players didn’t have a coach for a while. Yet, they were still putting the time and effort in to become better. He says his players are some of the hardest working group he’s had the pleasure of being around.

“The culture there is unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. These kids work extremely hard because of the foundation that their parents have given. So far, I haven’t had to get on a single kid about cutting any kind of drills short or not giving 100%. They are not messing around this year. I got hired a little bit later into the summer, but they were working out without a coaching staff. They just had somebody come supervise while they were working out. They said they weren’t gonna let not having a coach right now keep us from being ready. They said we’ll do our part and whenever the coach gets here, we’ll be ready for him. Nowadays, you really don’t find that kind of work ethic at a lot of places.”

CHS Pointe Coupee Head Coach Jacob Carruth

Carruth describes his players as a very disciplined group while being extremely physical at the same time. He thinks the combination of the two will make for a special group this coming season.

“We are physical and disciplined. Those are the two words that I think you can use to describe our kids. We don’t have a bunch of guys running 4.4s that are going to jump up and dunk the ball in the goalpost, but they’re going to be disciplined. They’re going to do their job and understand their role, and they don’t back down from a fight or anything physical like we’ll hit you in the mouth and make you want to quit. Our identity will not be changing from the previous teams before me. It’s just going to look a little different in the way we approach it.”

CHS Pointe Coupee Head Coach Jacob Carruth

He thinks winning the district championship is a very realistic thing for this football team in year one. He acknowledges the tough competition, but he thinks the Hornets have what it takes to win it all this season.

“It’s always a tough district. You have some very consistent programs that are always very competitive, so I’m hoping we can come out on top. The past few years, Catholic Pointe Coupee has been battling it out for the that top spot, but hadn’t won it in the past couple years. I’m very hopeful that this year we can take over that top spot in the district.”

CHS Pointe Coupee Head Coach Jacob Carruth

He credits his staff, the players, and especially the parents for the help he has received since being named head coach. This is some great advice that he aims to preach, which is not being too proud or boastful to ask for help in any situation. He credits many people for helping him ease into this job so smoothly.

“Ask for help. There are a lot of things going on. You’re trying to juggle a million different things so don’t be too proud to ask for help. Whether it’s advice from other coaches or help from parents, whatever it is, don’t be too proud to ask for help because you never know what someone is willing to do for you and the program.”

CHS Pointe Coupee Head Coach Jacob Carruth

He brought three senior leaders on his football team with him to our media day event, and he explained why he chose these players. He mentions how his team is loaded with leaders and playmakers, so there were many options.

“I chose these guys because of their leadership, and there are many other guys on the team that I could have chosen. Those three seniors really stood out in Hayden Elliot, Jackson Jewell, and Hudson Moore, and they just make my job easy. I’ve been telling people that ever since I got to Catholic Pointe Coupee. I haven’t had to get on a single kid about anything revolving working hard or being on time or anything at all. If there even is a person who thinks about slacking off, those three take care of it before I can handle it. Those three guys set the tone for our football team.”

CHS Pointe Coupee Head Coach Jacob Carruth