GF 2024 Spring Tour: Randall Passing Academy Holds 1st Ever Golf Tournament

Two men golfing on a green course.

The final stop on the Gridiron Football Spring Tour actually comes not on the gridiron, but on the golf course as the Gridiron Football crew stopped by Santa Maria Golf Course to check out former LSU quarterback Marcus Randall as Randall Passing Academy held their first golf tournament last month.

With a lot of high school coaches and former LSU and NFL players in attendance, it was a great time for everybody to come together, catch up, relax, and enjoy some nice time on the golf course.

It was a smashing success as this is something that the Bluegrass Miracle quarterback can see hosting for years to come.

“Everything was rolling smoothly. We got a lot of guys coming out and a lot of teams coming out. We got a lot of sponsors that pitched in and wanted to see this take off. There were a lot of coaches out there that have been mentoring and coaching in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. We even had some come down all the way from Richwood so we had guys from all over doing big things and we wanted them to go out and swing for a good cause.”

Marcus Randall of Randall Passing Academy

The competition was great as there were plenty of prizes and friendly banter to go around. Everybody enjoyed themselves and it was just as cool to catch up with coaches in a different atmosphere off the football field. It was a great spring covering a lot of great football and can’t wait to bring you some more action throughout the summer. Check out all the photos from the Randall Passing Academy Golf Tournament below!

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