DITR:Nasan Houston Cross Creek High School Augusta, Georgia

Nasan Houston Photographed by Kaela Patrick

Nasan Houston is a class of 2025 Defensive end and linebacker from Cross Creek High school in Augusta, Georgia with a 3.2 gpa. With offers from Howard, Tuskegee and Charleston Southern he is a player that shows a tremendous ability for success playing football at the college level. 

A powerful player standing at 6’2 240 lbs, Nasan is a true game changer for the Cross Creek Razorbacks. In his junior season Nasan had 16 sacks 41 tackles and 4 force fumbles. On the field he is a great contributor to the Cross Creek Football program he shows a great understanding of the game. Nasan has played multiple positions for the Razorbacks, tight end, defensive end and Linebacker. His Versatility is a major strong suit for him and the Razorbacks, but When asked what he feels his biggest strength is he said “My ability to defeat O-linemen”.

Over the last few years, the Cross Creek football program has searched for its next player to gain recognition from D1 colleges. And Nasan has become a player multiple colleges want. Fielding offers from multiple universities; Nasan has become the first player at Cross Creek to receive a division 1 college offer in the last four years.  

what does it mean to you to be the first player at cross creek to receive a d1 offer?

It really means a lot. In the last four years putting in hard work dedication overtime work and you know , it just all playing off feels great. You know it’s a inspiration to the guys below and above me being the first in four years it gives them hope that you know there’s a chance wherever you are if it’s a bad school or whatever it is they going to come get you.

What separates you from other players? 

My speed and my technique 

When talking with college coaches and recruiters, what is one thing you listen for or look for that helps you understand their football program’s advantages and disadvantages?

How the coaches tell me how they coach, what they coach where will I be on their defense. How they treat their guys. When you go to college that’s your new family, so you definitely want to see where they are going to put you and how they coach up. As well as if they’re getting guys into the league and stuff. 

What  is the best piece of coaching advice you’ve received thus far?        

Never give up and just do it.

What is one thing you’d want any of your future coaches to know about you?

That wherever I go I’m going to give it 150 percent and I’m going to be coachable.

What is the most important mindset you try to maintain during a game?

Push through keep going don’t give up. Fatigue is just mental.

When on the field how important do you believe communication with your team is?

Out there it is very very important. I think that’s one of the main keys into winning a game. You know if you have no chemistry and you have no type of communication there’s just no way you can stop the other team because you know it’s 11 guys on the field, and if you’re not all on the same page, it’s no way you can defeat another offense.

What is one skill you’d like to perfect? 

My ability to pass rush. I’ve always wanted to get better at that.

Following up, what are you gonna do this upcoming season to help perfect that skill?

I’m going to continue to put in my overtime work. keep working when no one’s looking, give it everything even if it’s at practice just keep going and keep pushing.

Who or What is your biggest motivation?

My  biggest motivation is myself. You know if If I can just defeat my inner me and keep going, and just continue to watch myself grow and continue to keep myself going as far as I can sky limit for myself. so, just you know watching myself come from being  5’7 130 pound guy playing defensive line freshman year, going into that next year growing up to be about 5’11 150 still playing defensive line. I would say to myself build your body, build your technique just keep working and now look where I’m at.

what does it mean to you have improved so much and be able to do that for yourself?

It means a lot it means so much to me. I never would’ve thought that I would be where I am today. You know you can talk to my coach I just worked worked worked and it just feels great. keeping my relationship my Coach has been so important and in my mind you gotta keep working you know let God do his  thing and it’s definitely been a huge impact on me to improve.

 What players either at the college level or professional level do you learn from the most?

Outside linebackers and the defense. When it comes to specific players in the NFL I watch a good bit but JJ Watt, Nick Bosa, Haason Reddick. It’s a lot of good guys that I take notes off and watch film of.

You’re playing in your last high school season this fall what is something you want to leave the younger players on your team with after you graduate?

Just stick with it you know keep going. Keep pushing don’t give up. Don’t try to run away from adversity because you know I faced a lot of adversity. So, when you just stick with it hey, sky is the limit for you. If you’re trying to go to college, they’re gonna come get you.

Entering your last season what is one goal you have for this season?

Be the same position I was this year, but turn it up a little bit. You know show more effort show more technique and just be 10 times better than I was last year.