DITR: WR Jalen Smith

6’0 185 lbs WR Jalen Smith from Mankato West High School in Mankato, MN. Last season Jalen displayed a crazy amount of speed and route running ability. According to 247sports.com Jalen is ranked top 5 players in Minnesota.

Every athlete has a moment where they fall in love with their sport. Each athlete has a starting point in their career.

““I started when I was 6 playing flag football at first.”

WR Jalen Smith – When ask about what age he started playing football.

A lot of professional athletes played multiple sports growing up. Some athletes are good enough to even be recruited in multiple sports.

“Growing up I played football, basketball, baseball, and track. Currently, I just track.”

WR Jalen Smith – When asked about playing other sports.

Last track season Jalen captured nationwide attention when he ran a 10.87 in the 100-meter dash. Running track allows Jalen to focus on improving his speed and his ability to blow by corners.

Each season players look forward to something, rather it is playing a specific team or seeing how the team improved from last season. Last season, Jalen was able to lead his team to the Minnesota state championship.

“Without a doubt a state championship with my guys.”

WR Jalen Smith – When asked about what he is looking forward to this season.

Teams cannot win if they do not play as one unit or together. Playing football requires you to play as a team, not one individual can carry a team to victory. Being a good teammate is important to a team’s success.

“I feel like someone who is selfless and makes it a priority to work with one another for the better of the team.”

WR Jalen Smith – when asked about what makes a good teammate

He had 49 receptions for 729 yards and 8 touchdowns for the Scarlets last season. Jalen and the Mankato West Scarlets went to the state championship in the 2022- 23 season. Even with the tremendous effort by Jalen all season long, the Mankato Scarlets season came to a heartbreaking end with a close loss in the championship game (26-29).

“I definitely learned what it means to battle through adversity. Our team went through a lot of tough times but ultimately, we’re able to battle through. I also learned that winning isn’t guaranteed, and anybody can beat you at any time.”

WR Jalen Smith – When asked about what he learn about himself and the team last season.

Each player has different motivations for playing football. Having something that motivates you as player, allows you to work harder to strengthen your craft.

“Mainly my goals and where I want to get on my football life and the thought of other people getting better or being better than me.”

WR Jalen Smith – When asked about what motivates him to play or get better.

Jalen is entering his senior year. He recently committed to the University of Minnesota.

“Definitely to get as adapted as possible to the college game and the lifestyle that comes with it.”

WR Jalen Smith – When asked about his plans after High School.

In order to get better as a football player, you have to study and watch some best players that play the game. To become a great football player, you have to learn and see what it takes to become great.

“I wouldn’t necessarily compare myself to anyone, but I definitely like to take notes from receivers like Dionte Johnson, Stefon Diggs, and Davante Adams.”

WR Jalen Smith – When asked about who he would compare himself to or model game after.