DITR: WR/DB Kenzy West, Hartfield Academy (Flowood, Mississippi)

Kenzy West is dynamic. It doesn’t matter whether he’s on offense or defense, he’ll find a way to change the game.

West knows how to flip the script. Most athletes are lucky if they have three minutes of highlights; West has three minutes of touchdowns, interceptions and pass deflections- from this season alone. He started playing defense four games into Hartfield’s undefeated season, and he didn’t disappoint. Through the remaining ten games, West forced four interceptions, ten pass breakups and 26 tackles. His technique might be raw, but he still finds a way to stick to the receiver and disrupt the catch point.

He’s a sticky corner, he can play press or man coverage and remove a receiver from the game. His ability as a wide receiver translates to his defensive looks, as he displays an understanding of how routes develop and is equally unfair at the catch point. West might not be a cornerback at the next level, but his production so far has been absurd. He started playing defense nearly halfway through the season, while still playing wide receiver. Normally, he would be targeted by opposing teams, instead, they were afraid to throw his way.

West is a tremendous athlete, but his skill doesn’t come from his talent alone. He’s well coachable and has an outstanding work ethic; even in the off-season, West is still working, attending 7v7’s, camps and bowl games. Being able to pickup a new position, and become dominant there, is a testament to West’s work ethic. In fact, it’s his discipline that has made him such a feared wide receiver.

West might be the most unfair receiver in the state of Mississippi. No other prospect, in the state, attacks the ball the way West does. He has soft hands that violently snare around the ball. West is outstanding when tracking the ball and can control his body to put himself in the best position to make the catch. His hands make him unable to be guarded in the redzone and on 50/50 balls.

He’s a smooth runner, too. His ability as a catcher allows him to fluidly change his direction without risking drops. He had 1,368 yards and 12 receiving touchdowns on only 52 catches, which averages to 26.31 yards per reception and scores on 23.1% of receptions. Nearly 25% of the time West catches the ball, he scores. That’s why he’s unfair.

West’s low center of gravity and fluidity as a ball-carrier allows him to generate yards after the catch and break tackles. He’s also a two-sport athlete, running track, and shows his acceleration and speed when separating himself from defenders. He can reel in short passes on screen routes, absorb contact and catch balls over the middle and win 50/50 balls overtop with ease. West is a phenom on offense, and will be a major addition to any college’s wide receiver room.

His 2025 campaign will mark his senior season. After all the work West has put in, there’s a lot of anticipation around his performance next year. He’s graded as a three-star receiver, per. 247 Sports. Every major university will want to pay attention to West, as he carries his dominance into his final high school season.

Below is a QnA between West and myself:

What is your height and weight?

“I’m 6’0, 185 pounds.”

What are some things you have overcome in life?

“When I was about 13 or 14 years old my bone slip out of my pelvis which caused me to have a lip but God healed me.”

What are your biggest accomplishments?

“My biggest accomplishment was winning the school’s first ever MAIS 6A State Championship and breaking the School’s record for All time receiving Yards and receiving touchdowns.”

What player do you compare yourself to and why?

“Ja’marr Chase – Because his ability to make big plays happen at times they are not expected and his ability to get deep balls. And for defense I would say Sauce Gardner because his ability to track the ball and stop big plays”

What are your plans once you’re done with football and why?

“I want to become a coach because I want to go back and help Young Guys like me that are striving to reach their goals of playing at the next level”

What’s your GPA

“My GPA is a 3.3.”

What do you like about the sport of football, how is it significant to you?

“I love football it’s just something about that adrenaline you get when you step on the field and you know you have a chance to play with your brothers”

Do you have any offers? If so, where?

“Yes I have 12 offers: Arkansas State, LA Tech, South Alabama, Toledo, Akron, UAB, Southern Miss, Grambling, Jackson State, Alcorn State, Hinds CC, Southwest CC”

Do you play any other sports? If so, which ones?

Yes, I am currently in track season

What is an interesting fact about you outside of football?

“I am a country boy I love riding four wheelers and dirt bikes.”

What are your stats throughout your football career?

“Junior season stats:
-Receiving TDs: 12
-Receptions: 52
-Rushing TDs: 2
-Total yards: 1368
Defense (Started playing defense in week 4)
-Interceptions: 4
-PBU’s: 10
-Tackles: 26″

What is your 40 speed, Broad, Vert, Shuttle, ETC

“40: 4.5 seconds, Broad: 9’7, Vert: 37.9″, Shuttle: 4.3 seconds.”

What is your dream school to play for in college?

“I really don’t have a dream school I am looking for a school who can make me a better player and a better man”

What are your current football goals?

“My current football goal is to repeat as a State Champion and compete at a the next level of football.”

What’s something you’re working to improve?

“I am currently working on getting stronger and faster”

What’s a strength you have in the game?

“I have a clear understanding of the game and know what it takes to win”

What’s your favorite activity outside of football?

“Trail rides and Mud pulls”

What’s something football taught you?

“Football has taught me that patience is key to your success in life.”