DITR: Wide Receiver Teddy Manikas, Oswego High School (Oswego, IL)

Teddy Manikas is a talented wide receiver who is from Oswego, Illinois. He is causing a stir on the field with his dynamic presence. Teddy is a monster on the gridiron at 5’11” and 170 pounds. Fans are in awe of his skill as he moves between opponents with smoothness and lightning speed.

Teddy’s first year at Oswego High School was extraordinary. He made a lasting impression as a wide receiver by demonstrating his natural talent and promise by finishing the season with an amazing total of 11 receptions for 134 yards. However, Teddy’s football career goes much beyond his first season. With ten years of expertise under his belt, he offers a seasoned viewpoint to the game. Teddy is really unique because of his unwavering passion and drive. On the field, his strength, agility, and explosiveness are only rivaled by his unwavering drive to succeed.

Football is more than simply a game to Teddy. Being a member of the football team is about more; it’s about friendship, growth, and learning. Teddy has an impressive 3.0 GPA, which speaks to the positive impact football has had on his life both on and off the field. He attributes this to the sport teaching him discipline and focus in his academics.

Teddy’s profile keeps growing as he plays more games. He was named Rookie of the Year by his football team and is currently ranked as the #14 wide receiver in the state of Illinois. Teddy Manikas’s future is full with possibilities and promise. Keep an eye out as this emerging talent makes history on the gridiron and beyond by creating a path of success.

Read the Q&A below to learn more about Teddy.

How did you get started in football, and what inspired you to play the sport?

My dad put me in when I was 6 years old and I haven’t looked back since.

Can you share a memorable moment or game that stands out in your football career so far?

Catching 2 touchdowns in my 5th varsity game.

How do you balance schoolwork and football during the season?

I put my school work first before I do anything to make sure everything is done before a game. It is crucial.

What aspects of your game do you feel you have improved upon the most since you started playing?

My speed and toughness.

What are your individual goals for the upcoming football season?

My goal is to be an all conference player and get an offer to anywhere before my senior year.

Are there any professional football players you look up to, and if so, why?

I look up to guys like Julian Edelman and Wes Welker who were not given the abilities that other guys have but make up for it on the field.

How do you stay motivated during practices and training sessions, especially when facing tough drills or exercises?

What keeps me motivated the most is the thought of getting better every day and not going home knowing I could have given more.

What advice would you give to other young players?

Commitment to the sport is key.

Aside from football, what is an interesting fact about you? 

I like spending quality time with my friends and family trying to surround myself with the best people possible. 

Which college would you most like to play for?


What are your biggest strengths on the field?

My ability to create separation from defenders and being able to make tough receptions through contact.

What is the biggest challenge you face on the field?  

Being the youngest on the field.