DITR: RB Zerrick Jones

Zerrick Jones is a 5’8 180 lbs RB. He attends Jena High School in Jena, LA. This season he has been on a tear and running through all his opponents. He is one of top rushers in the state of Louisiana. Zerrick is leading his team with over 1450 rushing yards, 20+ touchdowns, over 170 rushing attempts, while averaging over 8 yards per carry. He has been the MVP this season for the Giants’ offense. The Jena Giants football team are currently undefeated with a 9-0 record. Zerrick and the Jena Giants look to close out the season with a win to remain undefeated and momentum going into playoffs. We were able to interview and talk with Zerrick.

Every athlete has a moment where they fall in love with their sport. Each athlete has a starting point in their career. Some playes start playing early and some players start playing later in their life.

“I started playing football in Junior High.”

RB Zerrick Jones – When ask about what age he started playing football.

Having a strong support system is important. Being able to have people that you can turn to whenever things get tough or even for motivation is important for young athletes. Most times when an athlete has people that always support them, it makes them play better as a player.

“My grandma and mom have been supporting me along the way and I also want to thank my Oline.”

RB Zerrick Jones – When asked about who has supported him along his journey.

Each season players look forward to something, rather it is playing a specific team or seeing how the team improved from last season. Last season Zerrick and the Giants went 5-0 in district play and a playoff berth, and he is looking to repeat that this year.

“I look forward to playing in the dome.”

RB Zerrick Jones – When asked about what he is looking forward to this season.

Each player has different motivations for playing football. Having something or someone that motivates you as player, allows you to work harder to strengthen your craft.

“What makes me good is I challenge myself every day to make myself better than others.”

RB Zerrick Jones – When asked about what motivates him to play or get better.

Zerrick is currently in his senior year of high school and plans on playing college football.

“After High School I plan on playing college ball.”

RB Zerrick Jones – When asked about his plans after High School

In order to get better as a football player, you have to study and watch some best players that play the game. To become a great football player, you have to learn and see what it takes to become great.

“I don’t compare myself to anyone because I am me.”

RB Zerrick Jones – When asked about who he would compare himself to or model game after
Featured Image taken by Craig Franklin

Last season, Zerrick and the Giants started off the season slow by losing five straight games. They were able to flip it around and win go on a six-game winning streak heading into a playoff. Even with the tremendous effort from Zerrick all season long, the Jena Giants suffered a second-round playoff exit.

“Last year I learned that we have to come together as a team and work.”

RB Zerrick Jones – When asked about what he learn about himself and the team last season.

A lot of professional athletes played multiple sports growing up. Some athletes are good enough to even be recruited in multiple sports.

“I play baseball also.” 

RB Zerrick Jones – When asked about playing other sports.