DITR: Jeremiah Contee

Our newest Diamond in the Rough is Outside Linebacker/Fullback Jeremiah Contee. Jeremiah is a class of 2024 player out of Picayune High School in Picayune, Mississippi. He is 5’7 170 LBS, he runs a 4.62 40 yard dash, benches 240 LBS, squats 425 LBS, and power cleans 235 LBS. He also holds a 3.1 GPA.

When did you start playing football?

“I started playing tackled when I was 11 years old.”

What is your favorite part about football?

“The bond I am able to make with my teammates makes it like a family.”

What is the hardest part about football?

“It can be hard to lose but I know that when it does happen it is important to learn from it.’

What is a lesson you have learned over the years?

“Never give up, I really got my first real opportunity to play last season and I never gave up, I am glad I didn’t give up because now I have more opportunities.”

Do you play any other sports?

“I run track, I compete in the 100 meter hurdle, 300 meter hurdle, and I do long jump.”

Who is your favorite college football team?

“I am a fan of the Oklahoma Sooners.”

Who is your favorite NFL Team?

“I like the Minnesota Vikings.”

Who is your role model?

My brother Josiah, I play football because of him he taught me the game and he is the reason I love it.”

Do you have any players you take after?

“I am a big fan of Ceedee Lamb and Dalvin Cook.”

What does it mean to be a good teammate?

“To be there for them emotionally, it is important to lift up your teammates when they are down.”

How do you prepare for a game?

“I watch film along with listening to music so I can lock in.”

What are your goals for next season?

“I am aiming to win another state championship and to make it to college.”

What is is your best skillset as a player?

“I have excellent hands, that is what sets me apart.”

How do you balance your schooling and football?

“It is school first than football, I am a student athlete.”

How does your team create another successful season?

“We just need to unite and perform to the best of our ability.”