November 30, 2022

DITR: David Jones

David Jones is a Cornerback out of Madison Prep High School in Baton Rouge, LA. The junior stands at 5’11, 176 but plays much bigger than his frame suggests. Evaluating this guy on film and in live game action, there was one thing that equaled in comparison. He is physical and he’s tough at the outside corner position. He excelled coming down hill to make tackles on ball carriers, also showing that he’s good at fighting off blockers. Coupled with that unique ability at the defensive back position, he seems to always be around the ball. Pass deflections, interceptions, a high IQ and great tackling ability were all on display watching David, and he still has an entire year left on the high school level.  Be on the lookout for this name, as he will gain more and more attention as the season goes on. 

Tell me a little bit about where you grew up and how you began playing the game of football.

I’ve been playing since I was 3. I started off playing for the South Baton Rouge Rams.I didn’t really like football but my mom made me go against my brother every day, which motivated me to want to keep playing and get better.”

What do you feel you do best on the football field?

“I can cover anybody you put in front of me. Whatever side of the field I’m on, consider it locked up.”

Going back to last season, how did it feel to win a state title?

“It was crazy with Covid. We didn’t really know if we would have a season or not. We just kept our heads up, came together as a team, everyone played their role, and we got the job done. It was emotional for the seniors being able to get a ring in their last year. That was a really exciting time for everyone.”

Tell me what players, college or NFL, do you study to try and better your own skill set on the football field.

“Denzel Ward, Tyrann Mathieu, and Jalen Ramsey. I’ve been watching Tyrann Mathiue since BREC. They gave me the name baby honey badger because we both made plays all over the football field. Denzel reminds me of myself being that we’re about the same size and can defend big receivers. Jalen, he just does it all.”

While watching you guys play recently, you lined up at cornerback, wide receiver, and even running back, where you ended up running in a touchdown. Which position do you see yourself best fit at the next level?

I’m sticking with corner. It’s been my favorite position since 7th or 8th grade. Hitting and covering are easy to me. I’m great at not letting receivers get behind me.” 

What personal goals have you set for yourself to accomplish? What would you like the team to accomplish?

“ For myself, I want to finish the season with at least 5 picks and 30 tackles. For the team, I want to keep building on our relationship from last year so that we can get back to the dome. I want to win another one.”

Playing football for as long as you have, what have you come to love about the game?

I love everything about it. When I’m down I’m ready to get on the field and hit people. It’s just me and the guy standing in front of me. It’s been with me since 3 and it’s still with me now. Football has taken me a long way.”

What can a coach at the next level expect out of you?

“I’m fast, I’m smart on the field. I can make plays that nobody else can. I’m different. I lead by example in the classroom. I play around a little bit but when it’s time to be serious and be true, that is who I am.”

What do you want your coaches and teammates to say or remember about you once your time playing for MPA comes to an end?

“I just want them to say what I’ve done. Starting as a sophomore, helping the team win a championship. I want them to remember the effort I put in.”

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