DITR: Christian Tate

Christian Tate is one of the numerous standouts that played for Livingston Collegiate Academy this past fall and guided the Wolves to a breakout season, which included nine wins and the school’s first playoff victory. In his senior season, he had 36 tackles, 9 TFLs, and 2 sacks. The school has not been around that long, but what Tate and his teammates have done in the infancy years of the program has been nothing short but spectacular.

“It was definitely the bonds off the field that made us come together. My teammates and the coaches I consider them as my family and I haven’t been at school for even a year yet.”

Tate’s tenure at Livingston College was not long, but it was a successful one not only helping the Wolves achieve goals that they never achieved before, but also being one of the players that was invited to play in the Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game.

“My goal was to show what I can do versus some of the best players in the Alabama area and to hopefully get some offers to play somewhere.”

Tate definitely did that and was actually one of the top defensive performers in the Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game. Calling the game, I certainly called Christian Tate’s name plenty of times throughout the broadcast as the senior Livingston Collegiate Academy defensive lineman posted three tackles, a TFL and had two quarterback hurries.

“I don’t necessarily care about all the hype that players get from comes being a 3-5 star athlete because at the end of the day, it’s all about who can produce at the highest level consistently. My goal is to be the most consistent person no matter on or off the field no matter what.”

He not only brought that type of mindset to the actual game, but he also impressed and carried on that mentality throughout the week for the bowl game preparation.

“Practice was my most favorite part of the experience. It was fun. I got to meet new people and the coaching staff was amazing.”

In general, football is what Tate loves to do and whether it is in practice or on game days, having the opportunity to partake in football is what he relishes in.

“I love the environment. It’s a place where I can get my mind off of everything and actually be a kid and a monster. I always knew I was gonna be pretty good at football, but I really wanted to be a basketball player, but after freshman year, I stopped and devoted myself to football.”

It has turned out to be a good decision for him as he has plenty of strengths that can be utilized on a college football field.

“My versatility most definitely. If you’re strong, I’m gonna juke you and use my hands, and if you’re weak, I’m gonna run you over. Also, my play recognition and my communication because if I can see what’s going on before the play starts and communicate it to my defense, then it makes everyone’s job a whole lot easier.”

He definitely was a key component and underrated piece for Devon Francois’ defense at Livingston this past season. All the physical tools are great, but what Tate brings the most to the table is his energy and high football I.Q. as he takes bits and pieces of other great defensive players and adds it to his game.

“I model myself off of Aaron Donald, TJ Watt, and Micah Parsons. I love their abilities to make plays in any situation and their I.Q. I study Aaron Donald’s bull rush and peaking ability while moving his feet. I study TJ Watt’s ability to come off the ball and leave his defender looking silly after a juke move on the tackle, and I study Micah’s coverage and how he transitions from playing coverage to getting in the trenches.”

Right now, Tate, who is at 6’2, 230 pounds, has received one offer, but he still possesses the confidence and the attitude needed to compete at the next level.

“My recruitment is completely open to whoever. At the end of the day, my goal is to learn and be the best athlete and man and be prepared for life and all the adversity and hopefully make it to the NFL.”

The process is never easy, but Tate gets great extra support from the people that care about him the most.

“My sister always keeps my head on straight whenever I feel as if I’m not playing well and my dad for showing me the sport.”

Christian Tate is a warrior and a fighter. Playing in the trenches on the defensive line and after already showing that he can play against some of the top senior talent in the Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game representing the East Team, he is ready to suit up and show off what he is capable of for a college next season.

“I’m a fast learner. I work hard, and I can adapt to anything and I promise if you put your faith in me, you won’t ever regret it.”

Christian Tate and some of his Livingston Collegiate Academy teammates pose for a photo. (Picture taken by Jason Saucier)

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