DITR: Cameron Dorsey

There are many quarterbacks in the class of 2024 in the state of Louisiana trying to make a name for themselves, and our latest Diamond in the Rough, Cameron Dorsey, is definitely apart of the conversation now. At 6’1, 190 pounds, Cameron is looking to put his name out there in a big way this upcoming season. He attends Salmen High School, in Slidell, Louisiana, and gets his work done in the classroom with a 3.8 GPA throughout high school. During the spring game against Plaquemine, he showed major improvements from last season, throwing for 365 yards and 4 touchdowns.

I had the chance to talk with the Salmen High QB, and he gave some interesting takes on his game and this upcoming season:

How old were you when you started playing football and what has made you continue to play into high school at this level?

“I was around 4 years old, and it was just fun. I enjoyed how hard I had to work for everything all my life.

As a quarterback, what would you say are your biggest strengths?

“I would say my arm strength and my speed.”

I mentioned to him how impressive his spring game performance was and he was thankful for the words of encouragement.

What is the biggest thing you think you could improve on for this upcoming season?

“I would have to say my pocket presence needs to improve the most.”

How has the recruiting process been for you during this time, and have any universities shown any interest?

“It’s been good, and Southeastern and Rhodes College.”

What are your goals for this upcoming season, more specifically what would you like to get out of this season?

“For one, I would like to win. I would like to make a deep run in the playoffs and get a scholarship out of it. That’s what I really want.”

Why would a college want you as their quarterback, like what sets you apart from the other quarterbacks around the state?

“My biggest thing is motivation, I’m a motivator. I bring confidence to the team no matter what position we are in or predicament is going on. I’m always going to stay motivated and up, you will never see me have a bad attitude out there.”

I was just about to get to that, so as a teammate what would you say your biggest strength is?

“I know how to get people happy and I know how to pick people up in those times.”

I saw that you are coming to our camp this weekend in Northshore, what exactly do you hope to get out of this Saturday and/or looking forward to the most?

“I’m looking to work hard, meet new people, meet new coaches, and get my name out there.”

You said your biggest strength is motivation, so I’m curious as to who is your biggest motivator/role model? Who is that person that makes you do better each day and always pushes you forward like you do for your teammates?

“My dad, because we have been doing this for the longest time. For everything that has always been going on in my life, has has always been there. It’s the stuff everyday that he does for me, and I really do appreciate that”

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Have you ever had any moments of doubt where you had to push yourself to get through it?

“The biggest moment of doubt was when I had got knocked out week 9 of the season and couldn’t finish the year with my team. The emotional pain was the worst part about the injury. There were times where I thought that I would never recover and would have to give up on football. I feared that I would lose traits that I used to have. It was a very emotional and stressful wait. Two weeks after the concussion, I watched my team lose a very close playoff game to Northshore High School, our cross-town rival. I felt that everything was my fault. Whenever I was able to move around again, I was out of shape but it was something that I had to push through and it ended up making me better than I have ever been. Being knocked out motivated me to be the best me and take advantage of every rep I was given.

What is your proudest football memory?

“My proudest moment involving football occurred this past football season. Markel Keyes, our second string quarterback, lacked a lot of confidence and trust in his talents last year. When I went down, it was hard on him to be thrown in a tough environment with two loud bands and amazing crowds. The following week of practice, I was always next to Markel, pointing out little details about his mechanics and reads throughout practices and film. Nothing made me feel better than that Friday Night when I watched Markel light Archbishop Hannan up, throwing touchdowns and tons of yards. He led the team better than anyone could that night. Being able to motivate Markel and be there for him through tough times on the field made me happy again. I completely forgot that I was out for the season watching Markel sling it! Being able to play a role for somebody, which was something that I needed when I was younger really pulled me out of the deep hole I was in.

What do you do during the off-season to stay ready and in-shape for the season?

During the offseason, I work hard. I am always in the gym with Robby Green at Dynamic Performance Training. Robby is the best trainer in the state of Louisiana. The hundred-degree gym, the intense weightlifting, and constant, fast pace drills could run people away, but I love the hard work. I also played for his 7on7 team, “The Nola Hotboys” this past winter along with Quarterback trainer Blaine Leblanc. Coach Blaine has unlocked the freakish details of the mechanics it takes to throw. Both trainers are truly amazing and played huge roles in my life, but not like Eros Sanchez, my first position coach. Coach E has been training me since I was in seventh grade. He is the reason I am the way I am now. Coach E has put the field general and hard worker in my blood. He put the motivation to continue to recognize my own mistakes to correct them the next play. I love all my trainers and the adversity they bring to the game. I will be training with them until my last snap.