November 30, 2022

DITR: Austin Jackson

Austin Jackson is a class of 2022 WR/RB out of Northshore High School in Slidell, LA. The 5’8, 180-pound speedster is most affective with the ball in his hands in open space. From the slot or in the backfield, he can go the distance at any moment. Austin also proved to be a valuable weapon in the return game, putting the offense in great field position numerous times. College coaches that are looking for a playmaker eager to come in and make a difference should give Austin a shot.

Check out Austin’s highlights here

When did you start playing football?

I started playing when I was 3. I played for a NORD team called Milne in New Orleans. I moved to the Westbank and played for the New Orleans Panthers. I moved to Slidell after that.

Who/What are your biggest motivators for playing the game?

Odell Beckham Jr. is my biggest motivator. He made me look at the game in a different way with how he plays with swag and he wears the same number as me.

What kind of value would you add to a college program?

My personality brings a lot to a team. I bring speed and a lot more to the game. When I’m out there I feel like everything will go well and I’ll set the tone for the team. I’m just a playmaker.

What lessons has the game of football taught you that will stick will you?

It made me grow up. When I was 3, I didn’t look at football like I do now. When you’re younger your coaches tell you that they’re not teaching you to be better football players, but better men. It’s about more than just being athletic.

What are your greatest strengths on the field?

I can find open field field. I’m shifty, I have speed, and I’m an athlete.

Who are some players that you like to study?

Randy Moss, Jerry Jeudy, Ja’marr Chase, and Michael Thomas.

What was your favorite memory from your senior season?

My favorite memory was from week 10 when we beat Slidell. We knew we were going to the playoffs. The school hadn’t been in a few years, so the win felt different. The school also had never had a playoff win. We almost won that game.

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