DITR: ATH Tyler Rogers, Frankston High School (Frankston, Texas)

Tyler Rogers is equally as unstoppable on offense as he is on defense. The 5’11, 185 lb prospect from the class of 2025 plays running back, middle linebacker, and safety. Tyler is the type of player that you can plug in anywhere on the field and see instant success. Tyler can run the ball with great strength and speed while also having hands that seem to be heat-seeking for the ball. These great hands help him on both offense and defense. He can turn screens into big plays on offense while breaking up and intercepting passes on defense. I want to start by highlighting Tylers ability on defense. As a hybrid linebacker/ safety, Tyler posted 142 total tackles with 33 of them being for a loss, 6 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 5 pass breakups and 2 interceptions. As you can see, Tyler is all over the field as a defender. He displays insane aggression and does not allow himself to be shrugged off. There are many instances that Tyler will drag the opposition 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage before the whistle is blown. He aggressively pursues the ball carrier and this persistence is what allows Tyler to operate at an elite level. He is known for playing downhill and has hard hits, a tackle from Tyler feels like a Mac truck coming at you full speed. Another key attribute to his game as a defender is his knowledge of the game and ability to be a field general. Tyler is adept at reading quarterbacks eyes and can disrupt a play more often than not. His leadership makes everyone around him better and allows Frankston to play at a very high caliber. This leadership is apparent as Tyler has been named team captain for the past two seasons. Having defensive ability like this does not come without hardware, and Tyler definitely has some trophies on the shelf. The Tyler Morning Telegraph and All Smokey East Texas named him an all 3rd team linebacker while his district has crowned him utility player of the year for the past two seasons. Defense is not the only place Tyler prevails as he had 17 offensive touchdowns and over 1,000 all purpose yards last season from the running back position. Tyler’s strength is a big component to his ability to run. His frame coupled with extreme strength makes him a hard ball carrier to bring down. This strength also makes him lethal on the goal line. Tyler will pound the rock in for 6 no matter the circumstances. This is aided by the work Tyler does in the weight room. He most recently set personal records for his bench press (255 lbs) and squat (425 lbs). He seems impossible to bring down in the open field. He shrugs defenders off like Jordan in ’92. With this strength also comes elusiveness and speed. Tyler is a very fast athlete, most recently running the 40 yard dash in 4.5s. This speed allows him to spring past defenders in the open field and make huge plays. His feet are also very shifty, allowing him to confuse defenders with just a step. His head fake will send a cornerback in the other direction. The last thing I want to highlight with Tyler is his balance. He has a knack for staying upright no matter the situation. He can high step around defenders diving at his feet and run over the ones in front of him. A young man who has played since he was in 4th grade, Tyler will have a spot in this game for years to come.

What made you fall in love with football?

I’d have to say watching JJ Watt, he was a really big factor in it. The Houston Texans are my favorite team. Watching him go from getting booed on draft night to becoming an all-star is really cool to see.

What is your best attribute on the field attribute?

I’d say my leadership because I have been selected as team captain for the past two years. I help my teammates be the best version of themselves and come do whatever I’m doing that day like work out with me.

You are a great two-way athlete. Which position do you enjoy the most and why?

I’d probably say running back because I love having the ball in my hand and making big plays.

What are some goals for yourself and for your team this upcoming season? 

A goal for my team is definitely a district championship. I’ve been striving for that since freshman year. Another dream is to make it to state. A goal for me, I’d love to have 2,000 all-purpose yards and at least 150 tackles as well as 1st team all-state for anything.

How do you think being a basketball athlete helps your game on the field?

I think it increases my athleticism a lot. I’m just a tough guy who grabs the boards by jumping high.

Is there anyone that you try and model your game after on the field?

CMC for sure.

What is your dream college and have you been in talks with any recently?

I really like the University of Houston because I’m a big Houston fan of everything. SFA also, I like them a lot. I’ve been talking to a few coaches though.

Having such a skill set comes with immense work. What are you doing outside of team practice to improve every day?

We have a 4-day week so on Mondays I go up and lift and condition. Before school on Tuesday- Friday I go lift. After school, I condition and do agility work. The 4-day week is nice because we get more rest.

What is the biggest improvement you have seen in your game since you started getting into football?

The three main ones are my strength, athleticism, and mentality. My running back coach has really been pushing me. I’ve also been hitting the weight room hard.

Who is your way too-early Super Bowl winner prediction for this upcoming season?

You already know, Houston Texans all the way.